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WRAL-TV – First News [at 5:30] – Open – 1989

WRAL-TV was and is an institution in Triangle region of Raleigh, Fayetteville and Durham. You have to thank them for DTV and 4K HD; as they were the first. And still a local enterprise.

This open in 1989 is a low key, but has a nice effect to it. It shows the working people coming home from a long day of work, with the WRAL-TV staffers working harder to put on the broadcast. You see a kid jump onto a bus, while a crew is getting off an SNG truck (big for 1989); while someone puts some food a kitchen microwave, someone is editing a tape; and while someone is prepping the kitchen table, anchor Donna Gregory is overwhelmed with a stack of Betacams. Was an interesting idea. Their other daypart opens were lousy CGI – even for 1989 standards.

But don’t write them off the 1990s kicked butt. And 615 Music’s In-Sink was named after WRAL-TV’s Cindy Sink, their CSD at the time of composing. To this day WRAL’s overall look from that same time has remained, and In-Sink got a recent update when the station went to full 4K HD the fall of 2019.