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WLVI – The Ten O Clock News – Close – 2001

This was a close from November 2001. Actually this was a standard practice to pan the citycam (do you see the old I93 in the sweep?) and run lengthy cuts of their theme. This is when Jeff Barnd had credibility. He soon became a sucker to Sinclair at the flagship WBFF. Leave it at that.

WLVI was also a station that used WMAQ’s original Newswire theme package. I didn’t like it because it was too theatric and filled of drama.

I believe in late 2000, 615 Music actually composed a series of updated cuts. I felt the WLVI versions lived up to it’s title. When 615 Music makes newer cuts for various stations, they added a V and a number, to signify an update. 56 got another update in 2005, just a year and half before the sale to Sunbeam. Those cuts would’ve been V3 to Newswire