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Where Have I been?, part two

Hi! I am still in a rebuild of Version 3 of my media production space.

This is the build for podcasting and BCOP Newsradio. The gear I had recently acquired will help on the audio quality and other things for reliability if a computer or playout system crashed and need an immediate backup

I’ve also rebuilt the edit bay so the rats-net is more neat, and cables are going in the proper direction, and to the proper computer and proper capture devices, etc.

I also have been working on a studio space for the minifigures to record in real time and live. (All my other works have been done on tape and edited in post to simulate live. This is very painstaking process. While other YouTubers focus on airchecks and montages, I do my own creations so the workflows need to be consistent.

I will be doing Evening drive on BCOP Newsradio beginning on weeknights on August 1st. We should be ready to go by then!