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Hate Mail

Part of what’s installed on a VMware ESXi based HPE ProLiant DL 360 G5 server, has an open source, low end PBX, called Asterisk, (in fact it’s really Issabel, a “fork” or a derivative from Elastix, which the brand name no longer exists for an Asterisk code.) Issabel is a full fledged Asterisk phone system, with a lower grade Exchange (email, calendar and contacts) as well.

With that technicalities aside, there are backdoor numbers where sketch-callers leave messages.

We know Copenhagen is more narrow-minded than say the Copenhagen in Denmark, but I watched a documentary recently, it makes me wonder if Copenhagen, Minibrick and Copenhagen Denmark are unfortunate sister cities of chauvinism.

The content is threatening of nature and contains vulgar language

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#TunedOut: Raw Interviews with 4 Area Men

Taking a page out of PBS’ Frontline where they feature full length interviews, we did kinda the same for our series of reports. I thought I was outside on the deck for longer than an hour in record, but it turns out I had 20 minutes of usable content. We published this today after exporting a more condensed raw clips. There are slurs and bad words FYI. Also we threw our station’s animated bug on the lower right to protect our content.

#TunedOut: Lonely Single and Sexless Men – A Puzzling View on Romantic Relationships

Our third installment had mostly confused minifigures. To give a fair disclosure, A Puzzling View On Relationships had been plagiarized by my own blog I once published quasi-anonymously and you can see it on my decades of writing with the struggles of my autistic condition here.  Posts specifically to A Puzzling View is on it’s own hard link.

The rhetoric of the Manosphere doesn’t help matters.

#TunedOut: Kate and Jordan, the Prescott Park Ladies!

For our third installment of the ongoing series, Tuned Out: Is Masculinity in Crisis? we went lighter, and did the package of the trip to Portsmouth in November. The actual runtime of the interview was only 3:45, the conversation before and after may had been totally a minute. I was scared to death because in New Hampshire it’s hard to have a prosumer ENG/EFP camera and not have the fear to creep them out. In fact when the line of “I think masculinity is changing” had to be edited, because the microphone was not aimed at her, I was so nervous, but within the first ten seconds I flipped the microphone over, some sound got caught, so I had to cut it out, and I don’t do jump cuts, so that’s why you saw some boats riding around. This is the traditional ENG style of editing.

We kept the package down to 90 seconds; because there were certain questions where me and the minifig producer stumped “Kate”; and it wouldn’t look good. The anchor lead it off, and our reporter thanked me because BCOP did buy my clips through travel reimbursements

We used several seconds of b-roll of Downtown Portsmouth, N.H. to make it appear we were on an assignment, so getting Congress Street and shots on the water and seeing Kittery, Maine from the distance was important.

Some people could critique “Kate’s” dialect as potentially “ditzy”, she was coherent, and intelligent. Something to think about.


#TunedOut: On Fringe & Cringe Podcasters

Part 2 was intended to get as many eyes as possible. And as of this writing, there’s been 110 views since the upload on February 7th. Some trolls claimed, because we got 88 views, no one cares.

Well for a non fiction story for BCOP 6 to air, and to get 88 views for that troll to comment, is good enough. In fact management insisted we focus on exposing the podcasters for more views.

The associated promo was entitled Desktop Sexism