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News Music Monday: Chris Cuomo’s new theme NewsNation!

#NewsMusicMonday has such a catchy feel. Many of you may not be aware of promotional stuff and the branding of newscasts, or you maybe news music nut! Regardless I love to highlight it as that’s one of my focuses here on @MinifigNewsguy…

I’m not going to go political… but I had no intentions to capture the first night of another opinion show… but the theme is pretty cool. Stephen Arnold Music had composed this theme and recently shared it on their YouTube. Whether you like Chris Cuomo or the Cuomos, that’s outside the scope of this site; the sonic branding is just rock awesome!

SAM also was behind the original theme when NewsNation was the block on the ol WGN America; as I said on Facebook at the time, it was sounded down market and it does have a sedating melody, which could impact the ratings if viewers can’t engage. The Cuomo theme has a tune to the ol Wednesday Night Rivalries on the ol NBCSN

I am planning to a resync with a Stephen Arnold Music theme, it was supposed to be done for September but I slipped, I did resync with WGN-TV’s signature Chicago’s Very Own to highlight the importance of having strong auditory branding.

I like doing this feature on my socials, because if music branding does impact a ratings share by 15%, well then it does have importance, and does it help start your week? I sure need it and I hope you do too!


RESYNCAPALOOZA: NewsNation with WGN-TV’s Chicago’s Very Own

A couple Saturdays ago, I posed a Resync of NewsNation based on various airchecks I had captured from inception to early 2021. The theme package is Stephen Arnold Music, composed exclusively for the network. But it really has a sedating sonic branding. Since News Nation is the former WGN America, the same WGNA that ran WGN-TV’s local news for many years up till aprox 2015, I redid everything with 615 Music’s Chicago’s Very Own – the same sounds that has been heard on their air since mid 2007. The theme has aged well…

BTW: In case you missed the point: Chicago’s Lollapalooza music festival and resync – get it ?

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KPIX – Not “Enforcing” Corporate Theme Music? ;-)

In recent months, KPIX apparently switched some of their newscast themes from Gari Media’s Enforcer collection (hence the pun in the title) to a Stephen Arnold Music’s CBS Local. Both themes share signature notes, that note dating back to the mid 1970s from a WBBM-TV theme, that became a so-called de-facto standard across the then five CBS O&O stations.

CBS Local is based on the O&O themes (there has been many derivatives over the years, for the sister stations, affiliates, or one-off stations.) For case of SAM, I believe the original client was Nexstar for the theme of their chain of CBS affiliates, with an O&O sound to it. It’s doesn’t sound that bad coming from the least-known, most heard music in domestic broadcast and cable.

It’s highly ironic that a CBS O&O would actually go out of their corporate theme (since CBS now owns more than 20). This maybe because KPIX had SAM compose a “sonic brand” for their 70th anniversary in 2018.


Again, I am not a California boy, or anything like that, it’s rather interesting that CBS allowed a station to go outside their approved music, which is basically The Enforcer. I wouldn’t hold my breath. As ViacomCBS is becoming Paramount, despite a corporate parent company name change, ViacomCBS has pushed a very unified look and feel for all the network divisions, and pushed some uniform branding on the CBSN local stations. I wouldn’t be shocked if this were to occur, though I think in the long run, any type branding of that nature may degrade decades old branding stations like KPIX or NBC’s WTVJ spent on.

On an unrelated note, I came across a 2018 The One 4 All promo well known at WBZ-TV, and let me tell you, that was more cringy. I’ll leave that to another day.