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“Take Me Home ‘To The Moon and Back’, Kristie!”

Some news anchors have a special one liner handoff to the end of their shifts. Pat Farnack on WCBS radio would say “Take me home Please Chris Maget!” at 1:58pm.  Mine is partially the former plus “To the Moon and Back” with a special finger in a half circle. Kristie Brickington is our evening drive traffic reporter. It’s an ode to my former loved one named Melanie. On Tuesday, marked the one year plus two months of her suicidal passing at 37 years old.

This is how we would say goodbye to each other. “I Love you to the moon and back”…

of which Melanie would do that finger gesture and reply with …to the moon and back!

I wear her necklace every time I am on the air in front of the camera behind a mic. My life has still not been the same, especially our divorce was a pre COVID situation. And it got dragged along.

I will always love her. To the Moon and Back!