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KGO Radio Goes Silent… Suddenly

Pardon my French but WTH? The industry is so caaaassh to write off stations… There wasn’t a Bay Area fanboy to the station to buy it at a Wal Mart discount like the lucky dude at WABC???

Cumulus I believe still owns KGO apparently, none of the Bay Area news outlets are explaining why this is occurring. KRON, the independent affiliated station stated:

KRON4 tuned in to 810 on the dial and heard promos with the sounds of slot machines interspersed with songs suggestive of gambling like Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face,” ABBA’s “The Winner Takes it All,” and the Pet Shop Boys’ “Opportunities.”


KGO-TV, the once TV counterpart, didn’t have much to report, but clearly stated they are not affiliated, and kept a distance in the end of their story. The shutdown occurred today, and unlike WNBC 34 years ago tomorrow, at least had some warning, multiple years in the sense of rumors.

I think with that… I’m ending what I tweeted…

🤦‍♂️🙁 🤬

How to do Radio News (even if you’re just reading to friends!)

I live with two folks, my mother and my grandmother. My mother tends to read stories and hobble around them.

When I do the BCOP Newswheel (the above clip begins after TechBeat at aprox 2:55:00), the format is a bit structured. In this vlog below, I explain how I had built a Newsroom Computer System using FileMaker Pro and run a simple database to catalog the stories, at the time they air and what to read on the air

Have an Informative Day… the Capital Region’s Newswatch Never Stops. More News is next.” – my :59:50 signoff message. 

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