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WGBH – A Boston Tradition – Promo Reel – 1994

After seeing this promo; now it appears the branding of WGBH was starting to go downhill prior to 1996…

At this time in Fall of 1994, the station was still going by “WGBH Channel 2 Boston”, but that big 2 logo was the start of a change. For all intensive purposes, the “2” logo seen here was not new, in fact this design goes back to the 1970s (Boomers, remember the “2 Mobile”?)

And for whatever reason I never recall seeing this station ID before, etc. This aired during the Ken Burns doc Baseball that fall.

In the middle is a wonderful sounding PBS image campaign for that season, there has been other variants that ran other PBS stations, floating around YouTube.

Then there is a Baseball themed interstitial that ends with “WGBH  A Boston Tradition”

Um sure.. wait a few years, then repeat itself in 2 decades…

NOVA Promo – March 1987

I found this ol aircheck of WGBH on YouTube from March of 1987 (the month and year I was born!)

The visual look for NOVA promos of a squeezed screen against a NOVA logo and the episode of interest had apparently been introduced in the 1986-1987 season, with a plain backdrop, more plainer than seen below.

That reason may be because the open dated from the start of the 80s and and the CGI open designed from NY Institute of Tech wasn’t really flexible other than the open

In the 1988-1989 season, did the Big-Bang looking purple aura became NOVA open and as seen below, a still of that was used in promos for a number of years well into the mid 1990s (I posted this one!)