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Pet Peeves: “Filming”…

I don’t want to make “Pet Peeves” a regular feature. But one of the most annoying things to anyone whose a millenial age or younger the phrase “film”. It’s used very liberally. I haven’t gone through a radical acceptance phase, because I cannot accept weirdos or non media literate people use such shallow verbiage.

Filming, is based on what I assume is snapshots taken at least 24 times per second, creating a “frame” for each “shot” taken from the very first recordable mediums to exist.

“Filming” cannot be transmitted in a live format, so it wasn’t until the advent of ENG or Electronic News Gathering, was it possible to connect a video camera to a microwave radio link.

Filming also requires each camera to capture the scenes. For instance, almost every sitcom produced between the mid 1970s to the mid 1990s was shot on video tape, and was allowed multiple cameras due to the TV/broadcast styled control room workflow. “Filming” requires almost everything to be done in post production, i.e. editing.  The last U.S. sitcom that was done on videotape was Home Improvement that ended it’s series in 1998, Full House came in second (dropped 3 years before.) at this time, shows like Everybody Loves Raymond started to incorporate film, and shows like E.R. also broke traditional TV rules, as the Steadicam rig would be the default camera mount for most of the episodes.

I recommend people to be technically correct, and if a video clip you see or you produce is: greater than 24 frames per second OR being streamed live, or fed live; THEREFORE it cannot be “filmed” your either “taping” or “shooting live”

These kids these days like ol stuff that cost so much money and resources and don’t appreciate the modern technology that was tried and true for a just a couple decades. Long live ENG FFS!