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Introducing my Patreon – MinifigNewsguy-plus

Introducing the new paywall called MinifigNewsguy+

For $5 a month on Patreon, you can learn more stuff, all original content. No airchecks or montages or Resyncs.

  • Learn specific newsgathering technology
  • How to build your own news hub in your home
  • How to save money build your own surface and production bays and avoid the expensive name brand stuff like *eatstone and others
  • How to build specific Lego newsgathering (vans, live trucks, studio equipment, etc.)
  • And other tech, pre and post production how-tos.

I’ve done other full blown WordPress scribes and attempted to do a paywall, but it wasn’t successful with my followers. With subscribing you are paying for the time and resources required to make this site possible including but not limited to (but not keeping the lights on or food on the table)

  • The annual costs for domain name registration
  • The annual costs for offsite hosting
  • Supplemental costs for business internet for producing my content
  • Additional expenditures for the purposes of producing broadcast grade content for digital.

My first Patreon paywall post is the a spoof in Dirty Jobs and it focuses on crappy work in local news.