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The Path to my Journalism Mindset

I am not a journalist by trade, and I normally post promotional-grade media on this site.

Personally, I relate most to the late Tom Ellis, the newsman known well to the Boston area, having stints at all the 3 major stations, and had done gigs after being fired from WNEV-TV in late 1986. He was a newsman, more of man who would read off the teleprompter, but admitted he wasn’t a journalist. He had a special gift for taking written copy and put it in a way the viewers can believe and see. Before TV he had done a bunch of blue collar jobs, and his discipline continued in the mid 1990s to 2009 when his last TV gig was at New England Cable News, later branded by it’s acronym or initials depending on who you hung out with in the local media.

But I feel I am a bit more upscale than Tom Ellis. There is a certain level of professionalism in some of my story telling I do. I’ll edit copy, revise words, replace cheap words with ten-dollar ones instead, or rewrite an entire copy because the CNN writer sucked. Anyways, I have discussed my interest in local news in my about page. However, as I gotten older, I felt that journalism per se isn’t have to be newsy, nor does it have to apply to broadcast. This story is about me and my upbringing.

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