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30th Anniversary of the World Trade Center Bombing in New York

On a very cold Friday lunch hour in Lower Manhattan, a large boom was heard amongst 50,000 locals at the World Trade Center Complex in New York City.  Reports say it occurred around 12:15 local time. An explosion occurred at the garage level of the complex, with extremists intents. The goal was for the terrorist to knock off one of the pillars and if you took one down the rest could topple down.

The initial reports was a transformer explosion. Consolidated Edison, or ConEd the city’s electric company reported they didn’t have an outage, nor did they cut off power. Transformers step down voltages of power, many customers do not need high voltage energy. Transformers explode in neighborhoods, and are often one for every few customers. Any explosion wouldn’t carry up 110 stories… this initial report was debunked later in the day, but it was probed by the Channel 2 anchors.

6 people died, 5 initially reported, the 6th soul was found a few weeks later into mid March. Channel 2 reported just before the 5:00 news that they got confirmation a 9-1-1 call was placed just minutes before the bombing with a “foreign accent” said then correspondent Chris Jogensen.

Days later, more information came out, the Feds were on top of the case, and found the Ryder rent a truck’s Vehicle Identifier Number or VIN from a damaged effect of the said truck. Fun fact, VIN numbers are replicated throughout various parts of a vehicle, so it’s not just a sticker on the side door. They tracked down the VIN, finding it to belong to a local Ryder site in New Jersey, one of the co-conspirators came back to the place with the Feds hiding and caught the man.

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Midtown Manhattan – September 2001

These prints predate to digital, and I had visited the Tristate area the weekend of Labor Day 2001. My aunt and I visited the island that Saturday, and visited 30 Rock touring the NBC facility (and yes she violated the no flash photo policy) when I was doing the chroma key demo. We also visited Central Park. Obviously who would’ve known what would occur more than a week after. It wasn’t until my twenties I realized I cheated death, despite not going to lower Manhattan that day.

The last time I visited The City was as a vacation, the first time ever in October 2017. (all other trips before were day trips) My mother and I came back home to New Hampshire on October 21st. Nearly 10 days after that, a really shallow terror attack in TriBeCca (in the psychologically metaphoric sense), where a box truck deliberately drove into children and families on Halloween. The shallowness was like, you’re taking a special day that’s for children and ram a vehicle to a pedestrian only street to carry a grudge, 15 years after plane hitting the tallest structure on the East Coast? That’s how low we are going for “terror attacks”?  Unlike 9/11, the oh-my-gawd effect had more impact, perhaps because I was closer to the range of the mayhem, like in blocks, not miles.