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WCBS-TV November 3rd, 1992 NewsWatch

Like 1992, 2020’s Election Day fell on November 3rd.

Channel 2 News in New York would run the twice hourly NewsWatch. I believe it was taped after a newscast (if it was after Noon and 6:00 pm) and newsroom shots were taped, and would run during soaps and gameshows.

During that time, that short-lived animation and theme package only lasted from at least May 1992 to February 1993. The graphics package itself dates as far back as the summer of 1991.

I like it because it looked very modern, mixing the 1980s logo of Channel 2 News with a 90s flair, pushing the competition to get into the more desktop computer graphics, and not the 8 or 16-bit crap the other guys were using.