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BCOP 6 News Promo – Cassidy Hutchinson Testifies (June ’22)

It was one my best promos I produced despite voice over mismatches. The testimony of Cassidy Hutchinson from the January 6th Committee hearings, was very “alarming” (was the editorial phrase 6 used) and the best use of making quick 15 second cuts. Notice the flash cut. We also added text with the “[POTUS Trump] lunged” to the steering wheel to get emphasis out.

The graphic is a PNG image, and we are doing what was typical for the early 10s, where you have the “4:3 safe zone” for standard def TV screens. The reasoning why we reintroduced this even though the station is fully 16:9? One word: Instagram. The way people are consuming media, we are certainly not going to do 45° rectangle of a resolution and if the 16:9 crop happens on Instagram, you still get the station’s logo and time for the tease.

Editing is not just cutting stuff up, it’s also an editorial decision too.


How to do Radio News (even if you’re just reading to friends!)

I live with two folks, my mother and my grandmother. My mother tends to read stories and hobble around them.

When I do the BCOP Newswheel (the above clip begins after TechBeat at aprox 2:55:00), the format is a bit structured. In this vlog below, I explain how I had built a Newsroom Computer System using FileMaker Pro and run a simple database to catalog the stories, at the time they air and what to read on the air

Have an Informative Day… the Capital Region’s Newswatch Never Stops. More News is next.” – my :59:50 signoff message. 

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