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#NewsMusicMonday – Revisiting News Smile – Just a week later!

As you folks know that I am not just a news junkie but a nerd to the surface of news production too, and that #NewsMusicMonday isn’t just a random feature. However, just because jam to the tunes on the news, doesn’t mean that was my intent with my work with BCOP TV and radio. The reason why my music was blasted so loud over the years, was the lack of understanding basic audio engineering. (which I’ll cover for another day)

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New Hampshire News Closing Credits (News Smile by 11/One Music)

If 615 Music’s Propulsion and WSFL’s First Report had a baby… lol it would be News Smile!

Since the Granite State doesn’t have much media diversity… let’s get involved!

News Smile is a cut in the Individual Themes from 11/One Music (aka 615 Music v2… not an original one sorry!). If 615 Music’s Propulsion and WSFL’s First Report had a baby… lol it would be News Smile! It has a summer-esque/Floridian feel (First Report) with a high energy cut (Propulsion).

It help that the cover girl is a cute brunette, I actually shared that as an Instagram story a while back when 11/One posted that image, but that was well before I heard News Smile! So yeah, cuteness sells! lol.  Ironically the video I rolled from Portsmouth, NH in November 2022, was in the upper 70s!

This is one of my first few themes I’ve spliced, extended, etc which is a standard thing amongst promotions and creative services peeps. Obviously I don’t own the rights to the music but the video of NH’s Seacoast is my own collection of B-roll!

Sidenote: This post has been updated to reflect that I explicitly shared this with the intention of 11/One being aware (you know the fan community is so small and gets few viewers anyways.) I did tag them after posting this, and to share their work as for creatives to be inspired with newer news music themes. This post was put to private for a few days after initially posting this to ensure following the rules because…

On Instagram, they had DM’d me and offered a “personal” license to use News Smile for a larger audience on my platform. I was surprised that personal licenses was even an option. I did follow up explaining why I post these things, on the same day I had actually planned to post the Copyright practices (since 11/One is a new company and they ought to be compensated right?) No cease or desist kinda thing, they appreciated it. And that was my intention!

News Music Monday: Chris Cuomo’s new theme NewsNation!

#NewsMusicMonday has such a catchy feel. Many of you may not be aware of promotional stuff and the branding of newscasts, or you maybe news music nut! Regardless I love to highlight it as that’s one of my focuses here on @MinifigNewsguy…

I’m not going to go political… but I had no intentions to capture the first night of another opinion show… but the theme is pretty cool. Stephen Arnold Music had composed this theme and recently shared it on their YouTube. Whether you like Chris Cuomo or the Cuomos, that’s outside the scope of this site; the sonic branding is just rock awesome!

SAM also was behind the original theme when NewsNation was the block on the ol WGN America; as I said on Facebook at the time, it was sounded down market and it does have a sedating melody, which could impact the ratings if viewers can’t engage. The Cuomo theme has a tune to the ol Wednesday Night Rivalries on the ol NBCSN

I am planning to a resync with a Stephen Arnold Music theme, it was supposed to be done for September but I slipped, I did resync with WGN-TV’s signature Chicago’s Very Own to highlight the importance of having strong auditory branding.

I like doing this feature on my socials, because if music branding does impact a ratings share by 15%, well then it does have importance, and does it help start your week? I sure need it and I hope you do too!


News Music Monday: WPIX 2006 Close

This was from HulkieD on YouTube who captured the last WB11 Newscast in the spring of 2006. this was the last season of the WB Network and was one of the first to brand as The CW as the merger of UPN and WB would complete for the 2006/07 season.  The theme package is a custom WPIX package by Non Stop Music. The theme package of original cuts was used from 1996 to aprox 2010. Updates to the theme occured as the theme was resurrected around 2014 and some of the more recent updates was likely done by the 615 Music division of Warner Chappell Production Music as both the former and latter are just simply branded studios to the conglomerate

News Music Monday: MSNBC’s Inaugural Theme Package, part two

I talked so much about the overall MSNBC look rather than the theme package… let me tell ya a couple things. 1) I didn’t watch much cable news (CNN, CNBC, etc wasn’t really on my radar. Maybe Headline.) 2nd, I recall July 1996 really well. Two major stories broke in MSNBC’s first couple of weeks. The set and theme package, just drew my 9 year old self in. Hearing the Shelly Palmer theme package, just channels my inner youthful, but old soul of a Gen-Xer in a Millennial body. I think it was that energy that captivated me into watching cable news.

Least we don’t forget the first break on that morning was actually the best cut in the package itself. The irony. What does MSNBC use today? No package whatsoever


News Music Monday: MSNBC’s Inaugural Theme Package

On Friday, it marked the 26th anniversary of MSNBC. On July 15th, 1996, the network launched at a secondary studio that was once for America’s Talking, in Fort Lee, New Jersey; a sister network from CNBC. AT launched in 1994 as a botched attempt to port talk radio onto cable, but by early 1995, Bob Wright, the dimwit head of NBC along with Microsoft’s Bill Gates at a gathering in 30 Rock, announced that they would introduce a competitor to CNN, with the partnership with Microsoft. The channel was scheduled to launch in 1996 with America’s Talking to be replaced, as it was NBC’s second cable entity.

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News Music Monday: Palmer News Package

Before PNP was another phrase, it was the name for the theme package for a few of the East Coast CBS O&O stations. It was named from it’s composer, Shelton (better known as Shelly) Palmer whose a “he”! Way before he was futurist, he had composed news music, one of his first clients was WCBS-TV, for the Channel 2 News. WCBS-TV commissioned him to do the work, and it went on their air in March of 1985. Another version of the theme was commissioned and went to air in late 1986 and lasted through May 1989. The versioning with Shelly’s themes were “Phase I” and “Phase II”, etc. (BTW: The original ASCAP title in their catalog indicated as the WCBS-TV 1985 News ID Package

By the time Phase II appeared on Channel 2, the sister CBS O&Os used the theme as well, such as WCIX in Miami (which literally had CBS New York management as they just acquired Miami’s Channel 6) to make a mini-me version of WCBS-TV. I guess the reason why they were literally copying some of the New York format was to get the snowbirds, or permeant snowbirds to watch?

Approximately in 2006, Palmer sold his themes to 615 Music, and Quarter Past Six had been responsible for marketing the themes if stations so choose. PNP actually lasted for many, many years as late as 2012 in the smallest markets using cuts prior to my existence!


Of course, the PNP was one of many the themes that was based of a jingle from WBBM-TV, going as far back as 1975 and had been the de-facto flavor to all the CBS O&Os at the time. WBBM-TV retained that original theme up until late 1986. Over a dozen theme packages the several O&Os acquired up until the 1990s, had been commissioned by them. It is also to say, the CBS stations swayed between the WBBM tune and different themes, and return back. Even WBBM did it too.  By 2005, CBS acquired the full rights to The Enforcer by Gari Media, which meant CBS owned or their affiliates could use that package, but it didn’t mean CBS owned the rights to the signature notes.

Now on his website, the samples all this themes are shown, despite Warner Chappell at some point had a page of the Shelly themes. The story goes 615 merged with Non-Stop (that was Warner owned) but became the bigger part of Warner when they acquired Gari Media in 2014, thats when the 3 companies became brands, and their studios would later just be cities of Warner-Chappell’s locations. I am not sure if he bought them back or what. At last check WCPM (vis-a-vis 615 Music would still be the owners.)

What’s interesting is the copyright on Palmer’s site indicates 1970, which he doesn’t look that old. Some creative types think the copyright begins at their birth, and perhaps he was not even legal when WCBS-TV acquired the theme. Who knows.

Thankfully I got a News Music Monday on a Monday. A random Public Service Announcement from your humble minifig newsie, don’t let silly feminists eat you alive. It could cost you your lifespan!