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COMMENTARY: RIP Mish Michaels – The Imperfect Meterologist

I do not say “rest in peace” with much sympathy. Mishelle (later her chyron-name was her nickname “Mish”) Michaels, the former meteorologist at WHDH-TV and later with WBZ-TV passed away unexpectedly aprox March 16th in her early 50s. WBZ-TV, the CBS O&O who was her last broadcast employer owned the narrative, as WHDH did not mention anything of her passing. She had brief stint at WMUR-TV before landing it big in Boston, in less than a year. She joined WHDH-TV in 1992, then left the station to join The Weather Channel, to then go to WBZ-TV in 2001 and left in 2009.

Before I continue, I must warn, the post is not remembering her in a positive light, since April is supposed to be Autism Awareness Month and I feel there is a need to remind the people in my market, that is Boston –  her (lack of involvement) to said community is the subject instead.

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