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The Best Production of 2021 – Thanksgiving in The Spirit of Copenhagen (BCOP-TV)

Can we submit Thanksgiving in The Spirit of Copenhagen for the Miniland Regional Emmys?

For many years, I had this thing where as far back as a six year old where I was known for “arranging [my] toys in a particular order” and the inference is that the toys wouldn’t move. But what if it’s all you and you’re the only one that wants to move all your stuffed animals? (inside autistic joke here)

Anyways I had produced 2 attempts in 2015 and 2017 but it wasn’t until 2021, I finally got it. The video is a bit rough (due to deadlines, the media in my Avid editing system was getting overwhelmed) and I was working many hours on the week of Thanksgiving to get it out. I was also up till 2:00 am Thanksgiving morning to master it to share. Some packages didn’t roll and Santa was M.I.A. Resulting in our enterprise reporter and traffic reporter (who was grounded due to the clouds) to adlib and stretch throughout the event. Some commercials didn’t air and PSAs didn’t roll.

Ironically given the quirks and miscues editing it, this actually looked like a live event production. Clearly my most favorite work of art, simulating live shots in post. While the minifigs can blame the OverDrive install to not work, it was the nicest thing I had ever did in a long time.

I finally got my childhood dream to come true, to actually do some own parade and actually shoot and edit and make this my best thing I have done on my Avid editing system to date.

FYI the run time is 50 minutes if you even have the time to watch it. 🙂