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What NBC 6 in Miami used to sound like

I just shared that the NBC O&O in South Florida just went down the tubes auditory wise…

here was their theme package before…

It came out just days before the London Olympics on the 4:00 broadcast in July of 2012, rebranded back as “NBC6” after a failed “NBC Miami” rebrand before Comcast took control of the management of NBC.

It is unclear who did the theme, none of the major publishers took credit, so it’s very likely some unnamed entity locally did it. And they did a great job because it encompasses…

  • The theme slowly escalates into urgency
  • Then slows down to fast pace
  • Tone of substance, ass-kicking, hard news substance.

You can hear this analysis by playing the first minute of this clip I found.

Given how ditzy Miami TV media is, this theme separated itself from the competition.

Also they had redid their set for the first time after they moved from Miami to suburban Miramar – which would go as far back as 11 1/2 years! the set didn’t age well. The newsroom looked dated. So when they did the big reveal of their new set, it was in reality a big deal. On the other hand WTVJ looks like the other O&Os of stale looking sets, don’t be surprised to see Alternative Reality popping out of nowhere, and a lot of meh. It’s not to say the old wasn’t aging or was too flashy. For it to survive 9 years and not age like their first set should speak volumes.

WTVJ’s Gone Into the “Groove”…

Recently before the Olympics; WTVJ got Look S… but that awesome, kickass theme package from the summer of 2012?

It’s gone away!

Along with the set, as it matches the sterile, boring and plain crappy set.

Not to mention newer cuts of L.A. Groove has replaced that theme.

Don’t give me lip that the stories and content matters more. If you have a theatrical theme package that ruins the substance of the stories, then it cancels out and some of this Look S rollout is going to be lousy.