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KYW 2007 Open

When CBS built the KYW-TV facility in 2006 to go live in April 2007, they also hit the HD switch.

The graphics design had a lot of sex appeal. Not talking in hyperbole. It was and is sexy. A lot of flash, a lot of sassy animation and high on sex appeal. It was designed by a Dallas company called Hothaus Creative. Ironically many of their work was and is “hot” for the viewer. I’ll admit I’d been influenced by their work.

There was high hopes that Hothaus work with KYW would roll out across other CBS O&Os. That failed. When CBS finished building out WBBM’s new digs the following year, they chose Hothaus, then KPIX had used them on and off in the 00s.

Meanwhile back in my ‘hood WBZ was so insistent to having a European look… they’d get the cheapo WCBS designed PowerPoint like graphics in 2011.

‘Dat KYW package. I’d drool over and get boners once and a while just staring at a clip!