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KVVU-TV – Fox 5 Las Vegas’ Latest Open

Fox 5 in Las Vegas has updated their graphics packages at least 3 times since a major change in early 2020. Since then, they have been sold by Meredith to Gray, which isn’t really the biggest caretaker of local media. Regardless, this station is pretty solid source for local news. Trust me, when I am in Las Vegas, I tune to 5 first before any other station. Of course this predated the new look with the awesome Propulsion Version 2 theme package from 615 Music.

This most recent update to the open just has high sex appeal, with really fast, snappy, alluring visual stimuli. It can only go down hill from here, right? 

Just a reminder, this high sex appeal, is coming from a Fox affiliate! The logo originates from WNYW about 2 decades ago! Obviously the Fox 5 O&Os have ditched the logo, but it’s so ironic an affiliate can execute a really snappy, sexy eye and ear candy of a packaging. What did the O&Os do instead? Make the stations look like Sky News in Australia, or did Sky News take the O&O look from the states?

In case you want to see choppier version, but you can still get to see the sassiness


This is the best looking Fox affiliate in the country.