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WGBH – A Boston Tradition – Promo Reel – 1994

After seeing this promo; now it appears the branding of WGBH was starting to go downhill prior to 1996…

At this time in Fall of 1994, the station was still going by “WGBH Channel 2 Boston”, but that big 2 logo was the start of a change. For all intensive purposes, the “2” logo seen here was not new, in fact this design goes back to the 1970s (Boomers, remember the “2 Mobile”?)

And for whatever reason I never recall seeing this station ID before, etc. This aired during the Ken Burns doc Baseball that fall.

In the middle is a wonderful sounding PBS image campaign for that season, there has been other variants that ran other PBS stations, floating around YouTube.

Then there is a Baseball themed interstitial that ends with “WGBH  A Boston Tradition”

Um sure.. wait a few years, then repeat itself in 2 decades…