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Vlog: On Journalism and Masculinity

It’s official: Masculinity is a crisis, but instead of trying to address, you’re attacking the most vulernable groups, the most sacred groups, men, young dudes, etc. Whether you’re fringe and cringe pickup artist, or a mens fashion youtuber that’s a woman, or a “feminist that loves men” and hosts a podcast – ALL of you are creating a ongoing toxic culture! Watch for a 38 minute video of where I came, how 2021 came to be, and how 2022 has been something that in 2017, would rattle my cage, given all the baggage I still carry. to. this. day!


Is it OK to Tag your Parent Company on Social Media? NO!

Since I was out of the office for most of July for the rebuild of my workspace; I ran across this Tweet from a now former WGME meteorologist that is now at @Hearst-owned WMUR-TV in Manchester (the most disliked station per to the @MinifigNewsguy.)

I thought it was important to let the new guy know what to expect that not all people north of Boston are stupid and unaware of the media industry…

Matt Hoenig was confused, well what do you expect for a kid that I could been his babysitter understand? He’s now at WMUR-TV where no one in the building has a brain!

I felt my tweet was clear, this “Ryan” doesn’t understand the industry. What can I say about Maine? I’ve been there, and it’s a dumb state. I don’t go there often, it’s Connecticut is my most traveled state outside of my home place of the 603…

It is not incoherent nonsense… two days later, Steve Scott, from WCBS radio, pulled the curtain of the very same thing I was calling out on the WMUR-TV weather boy…

As much as I am a media nerd unlike that Mainer “Ryan”, I understand that the parent company has no business being tagged by a journalist’s Twitter. Who in the hell in corporate about a rank and file/unionzed air talent? They Don’t. And why are you alienating your audience with the suckups of a faceless enterprise? We know who you work for, and those who don’t don’t want to know. 

This is my belated “Eat the Press” rant since I haven’t had the chance to sit down on my Mac and write a 300 word rant about the industry of a technical outsider with insight to the industry.

Storytime! The Discovery of an Apparent [incompetent] MSNBC Contributor, Double Standards, and the fears of Journalism Being Rigged by Activists

Let’s start at the top of a few things. One the underlying tone is if someone on camera drives you so nuts, it must be personal, like a post in April, it’s the What Has This Individual Done to You Personally? Second is a real-time discovery of this individual from late November of 2021 to present. Third, in the fair-disclosure, I had attempted to contact this individual in a number of ways, spread out in months. Fourth, if there is appearance of any plagiarism from another blog, it’s because I have written about this individual as well over there, the other site is acting as a decades long personal repository of my invisible disability myself with a journalistic instinct and the injustices of family support, the support agencies, and the ignorance of the general public and recovering from narcissistic abuse from some male people once in my life.

Originally I had made this a series of Tweets on Friday, July 22nd, and it got all messy in order. I am sticking to that

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