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What is so great about Public Relations? (PRopaganda?)

In the last year, of the many socials I follow of individual journalists, there’s almost 7 that left local media to switch from a journalism or a news operation to public relations, communications, or something that involves something that must be easier than reporting.

I can literally count to my hands, one the names I had almost blanked on was down in New York radio, JLo’s sister, Lynda leaving midday drive on WCBS to become the comms at the U.S. Department of Education.

I sent some really strangely written DM to a follow newsie in Boston who recently left a station that I will not identify; I admit it was bit oddly written it was suggesting to please don’t go into this field and I said something like you can’t spell propaganda without P and R. Given this individual said publicly on social over the winter time about a contract renewal late last year, if the contract wasn’t breached (because this individual is pretty professional) most likely we may not see that person on TV for maybe couple years…

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