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Should the New York Local Market be pissed off for Neglecting George Santos? HELL YEAH!

Congress seat holder, George Santos, from New York, recently elected, but I cannot use the phrase “disgraced” because he is still in office despite, lies, upon lies, deception upon deception and phony stories upon phony stories that makes the Brian Williams scandal at NBC News seem like child’s play. I use BriWi because it’s the closet thing I could recall of a major figure in an institutionalized world that did a lot of over embellishing.

The day or two after New Years, Maggie Haberman from The New York Times said some strong words about the local New York market loosing its credibility to CNN. Not too long after, Charlie Sykes from The Bulwark Podcast characterized the failure in “the New York media ecosystem” a phrase that’s kinda like a cliche to Sykes vocab, not to offend him or anything.

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Wayback Wednesday: Jackie Bruno’s Piece on Menstruation in 2021

Draft Written in late 2021
In 2022, I reflected on how the media and the press had focused on women’s issues. Last year, it was on abortion. Somedays it was abortion, abortion, and more abortion. While I was never on the camp of the   misogynistic /manopshere media, I have my views on abortion, but they are not popular, to the pro-choice groups, not only that, the bandwidth for what abortion should be is being hogged by the apparent “progressive” pundits and politicians.
I also (as a man mind you) think there is other issues among women that never get reported.
a screengrab from a podcast featuring your's truly featuring a split box of the report on menstruation
This was a reaction video form a podcast I used to do that wasn’t related to my newsgathering content. Before this week, the only video I had internally was this reaction video and the only visual I could reasonably use
In June 2021, Jackie Bruno did a roughly a 15 minute report for NBC10/NECN and it was on menstruation and the polices behind feminine hygiene. I cannot find the video even using advanced Google searches. Yet all her other videos is at her now former employer’s site. That’s interesting. Her last words in the story was “we wouldn’t be here without periods.”

Well, earlier this week, someone did find the video, and it got a lot of attention on Twitter as well (it nearly nearly 1,000 pairs of eyeballs when Bruno Retweeted it)

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Comparing 2 Stations with 1 Story…which station was more vindictive?

Let’s compare 2 copies from the two TV stations after the situation with Alexandra Eckersley

from Amy Coveno from WMUR-TV,  on Tuesday…more than a day after the incident

A judge set bail Tuesday for a homeless woman accused of giving birth in the woods and abandoning her newborn on Christmas night.

Alexandra Eckersley, 26, appeared in court by phone from a hospital and pleaded not guilty to charges including second-degree assault, endangering the welfare of a child, falsifying physical evidence and reckless conduct.

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I swear to gawd Mama I didn’t “go there”! Amy Coveno Blocks @MinifigNewsguy on Twitter

Edited 12-28-2022 at 10:36 ET for clarity 

I can say raunchy things. I could be a creep at times. I could invade personal lives of journalists. I could say “you’re a fake news artist” if I wanted to. But I don’t because I respect the work and the job. I bet it’s not easy.  It’s not to say that I disrespect the ones who disrespect themselves. Today that’s Amy Coveno from WMUR-TV in Manchester

Coveno who has a history of favoring “heroes” such as first responders has not been a punishable offense. In 2016 she was caught in a public email defending the Manchester police department after a mass department situation.

Coveno, who is involved with CASA the local child’s rights organization per to her bio on the station’s website was assigned to the story of a 26 year old woman giving birth pre maturely outside of a Manchester neighborhood-   homeless living in a tent and dialed 9-1-1. The premature child was found elsewhere and the woman is charge for felony for abandoning the newborn. The Boston stations added (via confirmation) that the woman,  Alexandra Eckersly is the daughter to the recently retired NESN color announcer for the Red Sox

WMUR-TV decided to just skate past it.  Now with that aside Coveno 5,600th tweet was this cringe (via a reply that another reporter that tagged her before the identity was released.

“First responder are in my heart tonight” tagging the Manchester, NH police department, the Manchester (UK) fire department (most likely inadvertent) and the AMR Manchester Twitter (the private sector EMS company for the city) Then yours truly felt he had to call her out

then she went classy…

of course I couldn’t let up for a few hours until the Merrimack outlets gas leak from falling ledge became the area story. In fact copters were flying by the base operations of @MinifigNewsguy but with my new iPad 10 arriving my priorities were different.

But there are so many ethical violations Coveno did. First why is she still assigned to stories involving law enforcement and second why is she allowed to do work that should be the responsibly of the stations Community Connection program? Third – the CASA conflict?

Also why is News 9 Investigates being used? This reminds me of the Hingham Apple Store event the local stations use their enterprise journalism branding  as entertainment value. It’s like “New Development” a catchphrase to tag a different part of the same story on the same wheel of the same newscast.

I don’t worry anymore as 2022 closes if I’m a credible newsie. People IRL are completely unethical and are lacking a filter and I’ve always held to a higher standard that local media in the Top Ten market that have stopped to a low level of ethical trash. It makes me sick.


COMMENTARY: The Back story to The Crisis on Masculinity

Very rarely can you spook me. That’s the subtitle. I am not one that shrieks on a crazy Tweet or some wacky post from a Meta page on my personal Facebook. Like in news, there’s thresholds of what’s a news story and what’s even breaking. Masculinity is such a triggered subject, I have spooked one of the well known Boston area newsies, not once, but even twice in less than a year to the point the individual even offered to exchange telephone #s… that’s whole other story.

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COMMENTARY: On Brian Stelter’s CNN Departure and the state of Millennials Ruining Journalism

I remember in 2013 when Brian Stelter had taken over CNN’s Reliable Sources, a media affairs program that had been on CNN’s air for two decades. When Howie Kurtz left to go to FNC earlier in 2013; the network had tried different people to fill in, one was a long CNN guy (Frank Sesno IIRC), another dude and Brian Stelter, a man who is only less than two years older than I am. In the early teens to see a Millennial replace a Boomer, was interesting to see in retrospect, but what I fear is that many Millennials have grown up in toxic times, but sadly these people did not consume the media in the same way your’s truly did.

“Generalists make good journalists” ~ @MinifigNewsguy

With Stelter taking over the reigns of Reliable, it became over time trashing Fox News Channel on a weekly basis, often the lead, sometimes it was legit, sometimes it was childish. Not to mention CNN’s internal drama was never covered, but at the same time media criticism took a back road, and while Media Buzz was the better program, the ghost of Fox News Channel’s past would haunt, and the wild fox would disease not only Media Buzz, but Kurtz became a rabid attack dog on the competition and promises to critique FNC was just a false promise.

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How Weather Departments Need to Be Rethinking Their Roles

I am skeptical of meteorology in local news; and it’s not the usual suspects of they over-hype, or it’s not accurate, or not relevant in my back yard. Lot of it as the excessive data without it being applicable to the average viewers. Or should I say “average” in 2005 standards when the viewers were a bit more intelligent, no offense.

In the last five years, I’ve seen local media go down the tubes in local weather forecasting. The worse offense is the “[X] days to [Y] event” such as “52 days to Daylight Saving” or “29 days to 8:00pm Sunsets”. Or 12 Days to Spring Training in midst of a mild winter. I understand the intention of meteorologists trying to spruce up the viewers especially with depressing and polarizing news. Local news is not the place for meteorologists to make people feel better.

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Commentary: “Harvey Says…”

Harvey Leonard had retired from WCVB after 20 years at the station plus another 25 years at Boston’s Channel 7 with the three iterations of owners and licenses. During the early 1990s, WHDH-TV had ran a promo campaign of “Harvey Says” but I have never been able to find it on YouTube other than verifying a 5 second station ID dating as far back as the platform itself. Start finding your ol VHS collections. Anyways I want to underscore that tagline with some words shown below.

His claim to fame was a young meteorologist was accurately forecasting the Blizzard of 1978 when others wrote it off; that ate Boston and eastern Massachusetts, a metrological monster burying the city and to pile on (pun intended) poor political decisions by then Governor.

I would like to use the “Harvey Says” outside of weather and more of a forecast of the local media industry. Yesterday, at a station gathering with two other people retiring too he said they “We desperately need other people.” What an understatement. I say this because I see the changes in local media and today was a bittersweet day for someone who has seen so many changes and lived in the same market for my entire life. How can you have a “team” if so many people are being combined to doing multiple jobs? TV is supposed to be visual so there is some work to make so called “performance” but that’s given since the start.

Harvey needs to say that to the corporate folks because it’s on them to decide what’s “desperately” needed