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RESYNCAPALOOZA: NewsNation with WGN-TV’s Chicago’s Very Own

A couple Saturdays ago, I posed a Resync of NewsNation based on various airchecks I had captured from inception to early 2021. The theme package is Stephen Arnold Music, composed exclusively for the network. But it really has a sedating sonic branding. Since News Nation is the former WGN America, the same WGNA that ran WGN-TV’s local news for many years up till aprox 2015, I redid everything with 615 Music’s Chicago’s Very Own – the same sounds that has been heard on their air since mid 2007. The theme has aged well…

BTW: In case you missed the point: Chicago’s Lollapalooza music festival and resync – get it ?

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[Local] WGN-TV 2014 Close (feat. 615 Music’s Chicago’s Very Own)

This clip is found from WGN News at Noon on WGN America. Local WGN news was yanked by 2017 or so… and WGN America’s NewsNation desperately needs energy. Stephen Arnold Music, the firm who composed the NewsNation package touts that 15% of ratings can be impacted by a station’s sound.

I would say NewsNation has kinda validated the point. It’s a shame the 615 sound had not been inspired by anymeans if they didn’t want to use their theme or what.