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Take Me Back Tuesday: 2019 NAB Show (Ross’ CamBot)

Click Here to See the video

I was at the 2019 NAB Show (or the ol stiffs just call it “the NAB” or “NAB”), and was able to meet a bunch of people from Ross Video, a Canadian based conglomerate focusing on broadcast hardware and software. A lot of groups and stations have ditched separate brands of hardware and software and integrate the hardware and software using OverDrive (their automation system) and Inception, their Newsroom Computer System or NRCS.  They have other side products for news and broadcast, XPression for CG, traditional switches if event OverDrive is not needed, and CamBot that is a robotic camera control system. Most of said products became Ross via acquisitions. All products are sold as packages and virtually all 4 network O&O groups (yes even Fox TV Stations has bought into some Ross equipment) and major chains like Nexstar.

I test drive the CamBots. If your production requires you to be automated and doesn’t require much manipulation of the camera on the same shot, then it works. But to multi angle trucking in interviews, or talk shows (if a station still does that), the switch to local control is still requires a joystick and, it’s not as flexible as a Vinten.

This is via the Minibrick State Association of Broadcasters, of which I am the Chief Minifig Broadcast Ambassador to disclose my interests fairly.

I appreciate Caitlin L. (“Demo artist” for Inception) for setting me up with 3 other pre-sales for short demos. It meant alot.