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FBF: Lighting Grid, BRCK-TV Miniland (2011)

No pun intended for “Flashback” but this was of my first studio projects in minifig scale. It’s a variant of various special bricks and hinge pieces using crossed 1x plates. These things can be hard to build.

The BRCK-TV digs in Metro Miniland was the first station in the Minifig world to be in full 720p HD (later to be at 1080p), tapeless and mostly an IP based operation. It was modeled of KYW’s digs, when they relocated in 2007. the BRCK-TV studio was located in the Manchester Borough of Miniland and coincidentally if it was located in the real world, next to my least favorite Manchester, NH station.

BRCK-TV’s owner changed the following year and by early 2013, became a KCAL/KCBS setup, where BSBS-TV, Miniland’s Channel 2 would move in.


Howie Carr and Christopher Lydon – Boston’s Oddest News Bros?

I actually frame this as one of my most obsessive subjects that I don’t have an answer to. How in the hell could one of public media’s most respective personalities be friends with one of the most trashiest people on the AM band of area radio? Also why is there no video airchecks of Howie Carr as a reporter at WNEV (pre WHDH Ch 7), WGBH or heck even WLVI? I don’t believe in conspiracy theories, but I suspected the way Howie Carr has been a populist-conservative sell-out since late 2014, that his WRKO days (late 90s to late 2014) was more of a stick to be a center-right, and the present days and his days before WRKO was his true self.

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KHOU 11 News Rebrand – August 2011

The ol Belo’s KHOU-TV in Houston was their CBS affiliate till 2014, when they were sold off to Gannett (later rebranded as Tegna). Despite the issues at CBS and even within the O&Os, KHOU was one of the stronger affiliates in revenue and ratings.

The long time branding of The Spirit of Texas along with a CBS-look went way by 2006, with some plastic-y looking logos and branding, leading up their HD launch in the 2007 Super Bowl. By 2011, KHOU started take the Texan colors and revolved around a large Lone Star. In early 2011 it resulted in a graphics change. KHOU also acquired Lisa Herrendez from California’s KABC-TV and as a result of new hires, they amped up their on air look formally in August of that year; starting with Len Cannon’s 4:00 show; by October, all newscasts got the updated theme.

From very late 2006 to mid 2011, KHOU’s parent Belo had a deal with 615 Music for corporate wide deal to use any of their musical libraries or compose new packages after the infamous “SESAC Attack of 2006”. KHOU I believe was the first station to commission a theme called Propulsion. For late 2000s, it was standard 615 grunge meets rock. It wasn’t the strongest sound. Until KHOU commissioned a new cut for the package. In fact this became second version, other Belo stations took it within a couple of years. Other stations in other groups like Tribune and alike have used it, sadly with a short time. In the case of KHOU they were the last Gannett station to use the theme up until October of 2014 when the infamous This is Home was required to be used.