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Deathaversary: WNBC Radio – 34 Years Ago Today

At 5:30 pm Eastern Daylight Time, AM 660, WNBC radio went off the air at 30 Rock, and the signal was then transferred Emmis’ owned WFAN, that was on 1050 for nearly a year. The signal was up for sale, and the deal closed that same day, on October 7th, 1988. The late Alan Colmes, the man who would later keep Sean Hannity from loosing his sanity, was the lucky man to sign off the station, with the utmost class; the last caller “Caroline” apparently won prizes; Colmes kidded that she didn’t “win” the station!

(There is a bunch of footage of TV and radio clips of the station, this post is not going to be exhaustive collection.)

WNBC-TV got lucked out as a package that was done by Roger Grimsby had finished playing as Colmes had finished (yes NOT a typo, and could’ve been one of the few appearances he had done at that station.) Al Roker continued the coverage (way before his Today Show gig) to cover the sign on WFAN as 66. WFAN still exists today at the same position and the same tower on City Island with WCBS 880, dating for decades, so WNBC had shared the same stick and possibly the same day and night coverage as WCBS 880 (known for a number of years as Newsradio 88)

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KCBS-TV – Aircheck – 1988

The clip is advanced into their business segment where a random story of a man named Steven Jobs was giving a media release of a new computer called NeXTSTEP and the NeXT Cube. The KCBS-TV anchor read it as just another story in the SV; while KPIX was likely the CBS affiliate that rolled it and was dispatched because it was just another Steve Jobs s*itshow event. 🙂

Ironically this comes to my feed nearly 37 years after the announcement of the Macintosh on January 24th 🙂