Site’s Objective

As you already know about me, and what makes me qualified to be a Newsguy (don’t call me “journalist” – I am underqualified!)

My intention for this site is for people…

  • Adult fans of Lego – to further build their stuff with more realistic newsgathering gear for their fellow minifigure
  • College students – that would rather use Lego for newsgathering content creation to build on their resume
  • Career switchers – ones who are either pivoting into journalism or leaving it to another career
  • A resource for disadvantaged young people, where public access facilities are limited, or have limited access to educational institutions where broadcast communications studies are limited or unable to get resources to do so. (This is me) 

The site focuses on

  • Objectifying Objects: instead of people posting photos of women in a degrading fashion, I objectify things like graphics packages, theme packages, and maybe talk in similar fashion – but these are real objects
  • For the Love of ENG: the longtime workflow for Electronic News Gathering, the concepts of live shots, taped, and away from the cinema
  • Eat the Press, the name is based loosely around another trademarked program a critique of the industry around the media and coverage of the press. I do not like to p!ss on the institution and come of cynical of the news biz.  I can be very strong so a cutesy word will prevent me (hopefully) for not being charged with a felony!
  • Education of Content of Local Media: Never say “Local News Station”, local media should be more than just the 6 O’Clock news. There is other content local media can do, like Great Day, People are Talking, In Focus, Chronicle, At Issue, etc.
  • And a focus on radio too. Lets not forget those hard working on air journalists who are also mini engineers!

Over time the site will have a mix of Lego (as a learning guide) and my typical aircheck, montages, and opinions on graphics and theme packages.

Rebuilding Local Media with building bricks and minifigures as the subjects. Also the King of Simulating Live events in Post Production™.