In terms of my interests related to this site…

A Non-conforming Adult Fan of Lego

I have tons of Lego sets, and bricks acquired since I was ten. My resources and interest caught up I was about 21 when I was out of school and was in a period of redefining myself. It was then I continued my interests. I can’t afford many of the Lego kits, but I have gotten the Cafe Corner type of kits from my mother. I often like to build stuff my own. I frequent the Lego store near me (that’s in Massachusetts) that before COVID19, I would frequent more on the sales Tax Holiday.

I take the building platform seriously. I am not an AFOL by textbook definition by like-minded people because I do not think alike. Some of my creations were mixed stuff, that were not Lego stuff per se (such as Microwave Masts, cabling for the studio cameras, and hood covers for the ‘prompters. This would be considered by AFOLs as allegedly “cheating”. AFOLs are not typical people either, and they can’t tell a microwave ENG van to a satellite truck. Just look on Flickr…

More of my Lego creations will be in future posts once my data infrastructure is stable

Radio production

I love radio as much as I produce TV-type of content. Radio is immediate, and instant, easy to produce in a digital world, where’s video can be complex. For people that like to have control, radio can be a one man band. I am planning to short form podcasts once I get financing to do so.

Video Production

I am a video guy through and through. I could care less about film. I love video because in the world of film (before digital), was like radio immediate, instant, and I’d prefer to watch sitcoms that were done in EFP than filming. When Home Improvement was the last US sitcom shot in EFP, I thought the acting was more realistic amongst various dialogs between the characters. Back to news, you could never send a film over a microwave signal. Isn’t this why sitcoms, documentaries, news went to tape based in the first place?

Most US casual audiences use the dated phrase “filming” and media properties are investing in film-type of digital productions.

Graphics, Graphics, and more Graphics!

I own a poor-man’s Chyron, that is a Macintosh Color Classic. If anyone was lucky to own a Classic Macintosh, you in way could make killer graphics, because 9″ displays mimicked the standard definition television of the time. In the early 00s, I used the ClarisWorks’ drawing application because I had no Photoshop skills till I was in my late 20s. The paint functionality didn’t do justice. The scale of a 9″ display was easy to coordinate graphics. It’s much difficult to make good graphics on higher res displays with applications not taking advantage of your dual screen workspace.

I’ve settled with Photoshop (pre Cloud versions… cuz I just need something to make graphics.) For vintage over the shoulders, I sometimes use AutoDesk’s Sketchbook Pro. I also own some old code on PaintshopPro and another application I can run as a virtual machine with my Windows instances if I need to. For my news operations, I use the Non Linear Editor’s text functions to mimic Chyron/CG like quality. For many years it was Final Cut Pro 7, then the last couple of years I’ve tried Avid’s Media Composer. My favorite NLE is Edius by Grass Valley, because it’s text function actually is in par to a Chyron for someone that can’t get a Chyron. Memo to Apple, Adobe and Avid! Seriously!

Graphics in my opinion, when done properly can look good. Not too much CGI, and not to minimal, and for gawd sakes alive avoid squeezes at all costs! when using lower thirds!

Listening to News Music/Theme Packages

I think I can say this without shame, have you seen news play more radio music, or old rock songs as bumpers than some kickass theme music? At least in my house, my family watches the Fox News Channel or Fox Business Network that apparently doesn’t run theme packages or music anymore. I like the standard Frank Gari Media, alike, but I like 615 Music, Stephen Arnold and his cousin brand 360 Music. Particularly local news theme packages.


Outside of news, but has some importance. I’ve own several different multi line telephone systems, and a couple large scale PBX systems, and have a general interest on two way radio systems, wireless telephony, data/Cisco/Netgear equipment. My family’s residence has business class ISP (300down/30mbps up), with up to nearly 16 drops of Category 5e cabling providing tolerable Gigabit Ethernet to the desktop. This helps me move Virtual Machines, and the tons of photos, video and my other documents across a Netgear Switch with 24 Gigabit Ethernet ports with a throughput of 52 gigabits if all ports were moving Gigabit speeds simultaneously. In short, my workflow is compatible with your local stations’ 40gig core switching at a alternative scale 🙂

Rebuilding Local Media with building bricks and minifigures as the subjects. Also the King of Simulating Live events in Post Production™.