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Hate Mail

Part of what’s installed on a VMware ESXi based HPE ProLiant DL 360 G5 server, has an open source, low end PBX, called Asterisk, (in fact it’s really Issabel, a “fork” or a derivative from Elastix, which the brand name no longer exists for an Asterisk code.) Issabel is a full fledged Asterisk phone system, with a lower grade Exchange (email, calendar and contacts) as well.

With that technicalities aside, there are backdoor numbers where sketch-callers leave messages.

We know Copenhagen is more narrow-minded than say the Copenhagen in Denmark, but I watched a documentary recently, it makes me wonder if Copenhagen, Minibrick and Copenhagen Denmark are unfortunate sister cities of chauvinism.

The content is threatening of nature and contains vulgar language

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#TunedOut: Raw Interviews with 4 Area Men

Taking a page out of PBS’ Frontline where they feature full length interviews, we did kinda the same for our series of reports. I thought I was outside on the deck for longer than an hour in record, but it turns out I had 20 minutes of usable content. We published this today after exporting a more condensed raw clips. There are slurs and bad words FYI. Also we threw our station’s animated bug on the lower right to protect our content.

#TunedOut: Lonely Single and Sexless Men – A Puzzling View on Romantic Relationships

Our third installment had mostly confused minifigures. To give a fair disclosure, A Puzzling View On Relationships had been plagiarized by my own blog I once published quasi-anonymously and you can see it on my decades of writing with the struggles of my autistic condition here.  Posts specifically to A Puzzling View is on it’s own hard link.

The rhetoric of the Manosphere doesn’t help matters.

#TunedOut: Kate and Jordan, the Prescott Park Ladies!

For our third installment of the ongoing series, Tuned Out: Is Masculinity in Crisis? we went lighter, and did the package of the trip to Portsmouth in November. The actual runtime of the interview was only 3:45, the conversation before and after may had been totally a minute. I was scared to death because in New Hampshire it’s hard to have a prosumer ENG/EFP camera and not have the fear to creep them out. In fact when the line of “I think masculinity is changing” had to be edited, because the microphone was not aimed at her, I was so nervous, but within the first ten seconds I flipped the microphone over, some sound got caught, so I had to cut it out, and I don’t do jump cuts, so that’s why you saw some boats riding around. This is the traditional ENG style of editing.

We kept the package down to 90 seconds; because there were certain questions where me and the minifig producer stumped “Kate”; and it wouldn’t look good. The anchor lead it off, and our reporter thanked me because BCOP did buy my clips through travel reimbursements

We used several seconds of b-roll of Downtown Portsmouth, N.H. to make it appear we were on an assignment, so getting Congress Street and shots on the water and seeing Kittery, Maine from the distance was important.

Some people could critique “Kate’s” dialect as potentially “ditzy”, she was coherent, and intelligent. Something to think about.


#TunedOut: On Fringe & Cringe Podcasters

Part 2 was intended to get as many eyes as possible. And as of this writing, there’s been 110 views since the upload on February 7th. Some trolls claimed, because we got 88 views, no one cares.

Well for a non fiction story for BCOP 6 to air, and to get 88 views for that troll to comment, is good enough. In fact management insisted we focus on exposing the podcasters for more views.

The associated promo was entitled Desktop Sexism


#TunedOut: Masculinity In Crisis? (First Run Story)

On Tuesday night at 10:00, the story that was hyped on my socials, “aired” that night. “Aired” meaning the magic of non linear editing, to make it appear that it actually came off the station’s airwaves (like the time and temperature bug.

The story was originally was supposed to air Thanksgiving night as the November sweeps period was about to end.  Management realized this was a story after the Andrew Tate developments circulated late December.

I call this the “sales tape”, a story idea pitch to management who happens to watch our newscasts, in a way to get political points with the management. That’s why the story has loose ends and jumps from subjects around. As time goes on our subjects will have on camera interviews as opposed to simulated remote IP based conference calls.

We intentionally made the story seductive as possible, including the snow effect (which I’ll cover on MNG Plus) and the freeze frame from The Man Enough Podcast was another way to show why it’s hard to be an innocent and honest young man.

The management OK’d 8 different packages up to 2:30 seconds long to air throughout February, at least 2 packages a week, most airing on our late newscast due to the highly toxic content we – ourselves as journalists and tape editors had to endure.

As this story progresses, the actual facts have to be halted or be rewritten into Voice Over/Sound on Tape. Why? Some of these cringe YouTubers and podcasters are actually breaking thresholds of 1/2 a million or more subscribers – this is part of our reporting to show how much a large figure of subscribers could be influencing things In Real Life.


Masculinity in Crisis? The Promo of a Story that Never Aired

In case you didn’t miss it, a promo aired during A Copenhagen Thanksgiving Parade of the Masculinity in Crisis story; but was aborted in the last minute. We had a package ready to air on Thanksgiving, but the management ordered us to cancel the production, however on the Creative Services side, we had already made 3 different promos with different ends in the last tag (such as “Thursday at Ten”, “Tomorrow at Ten” and “Tonight at Ten” – for whatever reason the sketch voice over said “11”.)

We also had layoffs the day after Thanksgiving, 6 on the TV side, and 2 on the radio. It’s suspect there was a miscomm between traffic and news for line up of commercial and promotional playouts during the Parade.

The traffic department is a unit that is half sales/half tech, they are responsible for positioning ads and commercials at the right time in advance. They also log these airings to properly bill to the customers who are placing ads on BCOP-TV’s air. Since there was little ads during that holiday, apparently the traffic department was not aware the promo aired, or the promo wasn’t properly logged, or someone from news didn’t inform traffic that this sweeps story was gutted.


Crisis in Masculinity: Editorials in the Edit Bay

As I ingest video, log the clips, remember nuances, prepare names and statistics for our off-air “Chyron” system and to display live on-air too, with nearly 2 hours of video that had been captured for a 2 minute 30 second package… I ponder…

  • that my father had repeatedly denied creating me, then had no audacity to tell anyone – adult or child in the family. Not only this but he treated my two half-siblings as hierarchal children well into their adulthoods, but found out on a Facebook post (of which I was gaslit because I had posted it publicly; even in a tone of low key and fact-first. Jeez, why the hell do journalists struggle with families?
  • Why can women degrade men in this modernest society? I have felt that way for a number of years. More than 2 decades.
  • Has the NBC News’ Standards & Practices pay attention to their freelancers like MSNBC-dot-com columnist Liz Plank, who is NOT a U.S. citizen who has since May of 2022 spread venom to the most vulernable men in society since the repeal of Roe v. Wade? If I can’t get my First Amendment protection as a lifer, why the hell is some erratic  “feminist that loves men” can say whatever she wants and get away with it – but if I said something that offended an entire half of the world’s population, I would get canceled?
  • Ms. Plank is the same writer who wrote on her own Substack comparing self pleasure (or mastrubation) to mass murder. Perhaps it may had had been an MSNBC-dot-com reject, and if that was the case, good for them!
  • I am sorry, the late Tom Synder would say on his ol ABC Radio talk show around 1991 “the networks got rid of the standards [later “& practices”] department years ago.”
  • Then I wonder, how the f-ck can Jordan Peterson be a freeloader of free speech and he’s a f-cking Canadian too?
  • I guess some people would say I have strong views of women and I am starting to wonder if I hate women or strongly dislike them even if I admire them… must be that boyish autism in me…
  • But I wonder if the media will look at themselves for the constant man hating biases too…
  • If 6 does greenlight more packages, how am I going to tie the so called “manosphere” without offending 60% of the market that leans conservative?
  • Do we say Andrew Tate’s name, or Kevin Samuels, or the other whacked up YouTubers and Podcasters, or hell how do we incorporate Courtney Ryan in the mix, and be objective?
  • All I know as a point of fact (without too much bias), I was born as bastard child, from a man who was for all intensive purposes wanted to extend the family’s blood and was just a sperm machine. All I am is an object, a pawn, another prince in a matriarchy. Will never move up in a conservative family structure. 

Meanwhile people may think I am some cringe and fringe person. Maybe they’re right!

COMMENTARY: The Back story to The Crisis on Masculinity

Very rarely can you spook me. That’s the subtitle. I am not one that shrieks on a crazy Tweet or some wacky post from a Meta page on my personal Facebook. Like in news, there’s thresholds of what’s a news story and what’s even breaking. Masculinity is such a triggered subject, I have spooked one of the well known Boston area newsies, not once, but even twice in less than a year to the point the individual even offered to exchange telephone #s… that’s whole other story.

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