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KFI Transmitter Tour (and their role during Pearl Harbor 81 years ago)

I found this video a while back, but on this day 81 years ago, KFI in Los Angeles was directly impacted by the events of Pearl Harbor as World War II was at it’s breaking point when the Japanese attacked Hawaii. Concerned that the mainland would be a target, the Army took control of KFI’s transmitter on this day.

It could take just one manager from one of the mergers to completely trash the history or paint the transmitter site with iHeart Media-Red color and completely just cover up any of the history.

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SUV Crashes in Mass’ South Coast Apple Store, WBZ-TV’s I-Team Kicks in…

Excuse me while I cringe…

First off, Apple Stores are mostly in malls or in exterior buildings in big cities. Sometimes Apple Stores are spotted to have outside entry in suburbs in places like in the Bay Area, but I was surprised that in Hingham, Massachusetts,  is one of those Apple Stores that you can enter from a parking lot, and not have to through the mall.

As of this writing, an employee of the store is one of those where were killed, and 16 other individuals are injured. It’s safe to make some assumption that Apple employee was likely the front person like you see at all the other Apple Stores…

But WBZ-TV decided to use their branded enterprise journalism units to dig deeper, because the curiosity of an SUV driver driving into the signature glass of the store needed more info.

The I-Team dates back to the days when Channel 4 was once owned by Westinghouse’s broadcast division, and when Joe Bergantino was the lead of the unit, and had a decorative career at Boston’s Channel 4. But like many of the CBS O&Os, it’s known to be the Cheaply Run division of the ol Tiffany Network. For one thing the founder of CBS Bill Paley would a) not want to own so many and b) he would invest in the stations… oh wait boldfaced lie… Paley was cheapening the flagships, WCBS-TV was already lousy in news quality by the time he retired and sold the network to Larry Tisch by 1985, what am I to kid?

The stations that became part of CBS’s O&Os are really hard to identify. KPIX is a mess, KYW was already a WCBS-TV South by 2002; WJZ has always been like “there’s only one ‘JZ” and KDKA is been stable, trying to cover up the sags of the metaphoric Round Eye

Worse the I-Team just went on “sources” closer to the situation. Anyways the I-Team outside of these stories, more consumer investigative, and quasi investigative criminal journalism.

At least Boston still has Mike Beaudet; who can still do great enterprise reporting, and you still need more time past the 8 minutes he can do. There’s hope right?

KGO Radio Goes Silent… Suddenly

Pardon my French but WTH? The industry is so caaaassh to write off stations… There wasn’t a Bay Area fanboy to the station to buy it at a Wal Mart discount like the lucky dude at WABC???

Cumulus I believe still owns KGO apparently, none of the Bay Area news outlets are explaining why this is occurring. KRON, the independent affiliated station stated:

KRON4 tuned in to 810 on the dial and heard promos with the sounds of slot machines interspersed with songs suggestive of gambling like Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face,” ABBA’s “The Winner Takes it All,” and the Pet Shop Boys’ “Opportunities.”


KGO-TV, the once TV counterpart, didn’t have much to report, but clearly stated they are not affiliated, and kept a distance in the end of their story. The shutdown occurred today, and unlike WNBC 34 years ago tomorrow, at least had some warning, multiple years in the sense of rumors.

I think with that… I’m ending what I tweeted…

🤦‍♂️🙁 🤬