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Minifig Newsguy’s 3 1/2 Decade Birthday Overnight Aircheck (BCOP Newsradio March 12th-13th, 2022)

Doing overnights on DST is like doing midday drive – in the dark!  – @MinifigNewsguy

The Facebook stream of BCOP Newsradio from 10pm EST March 12th to 5am EDT March 13th, 2022. This aircheck also catches your humble Minifig Newsie hitting his mid 30s on 3/12 (heheh 3 and 1/2 decades on 3/12) at 11:10 pm in the midst of a time check!

The Traffic reporter teased your’s truly at 11:18 following that time check

This is being submitted for an MISAB Yellow Brick Microphone Award for Best Radio News anchor. During this stream, off air audio was captured as well, near the end of the nightpart…

This was a raw recording of behind the scenes and the camera that fed to Twitch live that night


BCOP-TV Test Credits…

Just in time for February Sweeps, we have revamped our full closing credits, normally 40 pages of our full and mostly part time staff. This is a test, we may tweak this when we feel it’s needed. The music is the Morning Theme of Propulsion V2 from 615 Music. This was KHOU11’s early morning news theme upon the 2011 rebrand and to the Gannett/Tegna takeover in October 2014. It has a very classic 615 sound to it! It matches our branding of bubbling minifigures and hard news (the “Primary Theme” in Propulsion V2)

A Copenhagen Thanksgiving Parade

ICYMI:  this is my 2nd parade I produced in a row for BCOP-TV.  The production took nearly 4 to 5 days, nearly 2 to 3 hours of raw media, about a couple hours to ingest, and I exported the video in real time. The secret to that will be in a future post.

My child puts their lego toys in a perfect row and slowly moves them and shoots them on a camera. Stereotypical mother that doesn’t get their kids’ autism – thankfully my mother isn’t one of ’em.

Regardless, all of this is extremely taxing which I am taking part of this week off, because all of this “live” production actually requires an editing application especially if you want effects and banners. No hobbyist has a Chyron Duet, a Grass Valley switcher and an audio board just laying around in their basement. I used Avid, you could use Premiere, Edius (for PC) or Apple’s FCPX (quality maybe less than say the other three.)

If you have 43 minutes (the actual running time without commercials or promos) enjoy it.


Masculinity Under Crisis?

In September I took the role of handling Special Projects and Creative Services at BCOP-TV Copenhagen. Why? because doing same day news is very taxing, to flip stories, edit them, voice them over and post them. I like to do longer form reporting on issues, and also promote the living crap out of them (that’s the part of Creative Services) as well high visual stimuli of videography and graphics.

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Recommended Use of Referencing Time Zones (It’s Now Real “Standard” Time!)

Sun makes you dumber. Or so according to the @MinifigNewsguy.  Why? people don’t think critically, they are more emotional and they can’t think in order. Right now Daylight Saving Time (sic) had ended overnight on 2:00 AM Eastern Standard Time on November 6th, following 2:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time, of which is how you “gain an hour of sleep”. Also as of this writing, the 2022 Midterm elections are a day away, and again it feels like a primary election weather wise.

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VLOG: How to protect Outdoor Lego from UV damage as long as possible

LEGAL NOTE: It is not Anticipated or Expected that the lego company endorses this video; and is for adult users only. Like any plastics, Lego is not invincible from UV damage for being outdoors. On sunny days, you can see the age, on cloudy days they look more traditional.

In 2001 I visited Legoland California, and in 2019 I went there for the first time in 18 years. The Outdoor Miniland USA got baked in the sun and had received sun damage. Legoland Florida has only been opened for over a decade and there would be high suspicion that UV or heat damage could apply to Miniland objects. Legoland New York had opened in the midst of the pandemic in the Hudson Valley of NY, and it would be interesting to see how that Miniland fares overtime if the Legoland park managers had put trees and plants to protect bricks from extreme weather in the Northeast. This is the only way to protect your investment.

FYI: MinifigNewsguy is migrating hosting platforms

On the weekend of October 29th and the 30th, the MinifigNewsguy is migrating hosts, same provider, different cloud all in the name to be more financially flexible and keep the overhead low.

For instance,’s domain will be renewed early to avoid a spike in costs for dot-coms in some providers.

Also the “root” for the site, is actually in a sub directory. Presently it’s under /sites, and the new home, will be /home/whatever-content-that-I-post-with-date-and-etc

On October 28th, any new content will “freeze” in order to preserve all previous content of more than one hundred posts from corruption.

On the weekend of October 29th and the 30th, will be the migration from one cloud to the other. This will result in potential interruption to the experience including redirection and a new “root” for the site.

By Halloween, you should be visiting content starting with’ve-Posted. If you hit a Facebook or Twitter link with the ol URL, it should redirect as part of the migration process.  We hope the migration process is smooth as possible, please stay with us!

BCOP Newsradio Top of Hour Sounder

When You Need to Know; Check in 2, 3 4 times a day to BCOP, BCOP-FM and BCOR HD2 Copenhagen!

On October 3rd, 2022, BCOP changed the last minute after the hour’s sounder cut.

We have been using the same voice tag for at least 3 to 5 years now. The revised sounder package (err it’s a news music package!) moves the legal ID to the end, allowing the sounder to play at 55 seconds after giving the anchor to read the hourly tone and time check before handing off to the network.