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Minifig Newsguy’s 3 1/2 Decade Birthday Overnight Aircheck (BCOP Newsradio March 12th-13th, 2022)

Doing overnights on DST is like doing midday drive – in the dark!  – @MinifigNewsguy

The Facebook stream of BCOP Newsradio from 10pm EST March 12th to 5am EDT March 13th, 2022. This aircheck also catches your humble Minifig Newsie hitting his mid 30s on 3/12 (heheh 3 and 1/2 decades on 3/12) at 11:10 pm in the midst of a time check!

The Traffic reporter teased your’s truly at 11:18 following that time check

This is being submitted for an MISAB Yellow Brick Microphone Award for Best Radio News anchor. During this stream, off air audio was captured as well, near the end of the nightpart…

This was a raw recording of behind the scenes and the camera that fed to Twitch live that night


Live stream: Deathaversary NJN’s Last Newscast June 30th, 2011

due to a personal emergency; i had to cancel the June 30th stream of the 10th anniversary of the last New Jersey Network newscast. Tonight plus 6 months. Behind NJN, WGBH was the other one, but that ended in May of 1991. There is no current local PBS stations that produces a non commercial newscast. Stream begins at 5:55 pm ET

The First Friday Without Rooney – WGBH-TV’s Beat The Press Year in Review 2001

Please tune in at 6:55 pm Eastern Time on Friday, September 10th, 2021.

It’s pure coincidence in my VHS tape library, an airing of the Beat The Press Year in Review from roughly 20 years ago. Friday September 10th, was supposed to be the return of BTP on Boston’s Channel 2 after the strangely planned “Hiatus” and was officially canceled by the station in mid August. The tape was originally recorded as a rerun on Channel 44/WGBX at midnight either the Friday close to Christmas or New Year’s.