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#TunedOut: Masculinity In Crisis? (First Run Story)

On Tuesday night at 10:00, the story that was hyped on my socials, “aired” that night. “Aired” meaning the magic of non linear editing, to make it appear that it actually came off the station’s airwaves (like the time and temperature bug.

The story was originally was supposed to air Thanksgiving night as the November sweeps period was about to end.  Management realized this was a story after the Andrew Tate developments circulated late December.

I call this the “sales tape”, a story idea pitch to management who happens to watch our newscasts, in a way to get political points with the management. That’s why the story has loose ends and jumps from subjects around. As time goes on our subjects will have on camera interviews as opposed to simulated remote IP based conference calls.

We intentionally made the story seductive as possible, including the snow effect (which I’ll cover on MNG Plus) and the freeze frame from The Man Enough Podcast was another way to show why it’s hard to be an innocent and honest young man.

The management OK’d 8 different packages up to 2:30 seconds long to air throughout February, at least 2 packages a week, most airing on our late newscast due to the highly toxic content we – ourselves as journalists and tape editors had to endure.

As this story progresses, the actual facts have to be halted or be rewritten into Voice Over/Sound on Tape. Why? Some of these cringe YouTubers and podcasters are actually breaking thresholds of 1/2 a million or more subscribers – this is part of our reporting to show how much a large figure of subscribers could be influencing things In Real Life.


Minifig Newsguy’s 3 1/2 Decade Birthday Overnight Aircheck (BCOP Newsradio March 12th-13th, 2022)

Doing overnights on DST is like doing midday drive – in the dark!  – @MinifigNewsguy

The Facebook stream of BCOP Newsradio from 10pm EST March 12th to 5am EDT March 13th, 2022. This aircheck also catches your humble Minifig Newsie hitting his mid 30s on 3/12 (heheh 3 and 1/2 decades on 3/12) at 11:10 pm in the midst of a time check!

The Traffic reporter teased your’s truly at 11:18 following that time check

This is being submitted for an MISAB Yellow Brick Microphone Award for Best Radio News anchor. During this stream, off air audio was captured as well, near the end of the nightpart…

This was a raw recording of behind the scenes and the camera that fed to Twitch live that night


BCOP-TV Test Credits…

Just in time for February Sweeps, we have revamped our full closing credits, normally 40 pages of our full and mostly part time staff. This is a test, we may tweak this when we feel it’s needed. The music is the Morning Theme of Propulsion V2 from 615 Music. This was KHOU11’s early morning news theme upon the 2011 rebrand and to the Gannett/Tegna takeover in October 2014. It has a very classic 615 sound to it! It matches our branding of bubbling minifigures and hard news (the “Primary Theme” in Propulsion V2)

Should the New York Local Market be pissed off for Neglecting George Santos? HELL YEAH!

Congress seat holder, George Santos, from New York, recently elected, but I cannot use the phrase “disgraced” because he is still in office despite, lies, upon lies, deception upon deception and phony stories upon phony stories that makes the Brian Williams scandal at NBC News seem like child’s play. I use BriWi because it’s the closet thing I could recall of a major figure in an institutionalized world that did a lot of over embellishing.

The day or two after New Years, Maggie Haberman from The New York Times said some strong words about the local New York market loosing its credibility to CNN. Not too long after, Charlie Sykes from The Bulwark Podcast characterized the failure in “the New York media ecosystem” a phrase that’s kinda like a cliche to Sykes vocab, not to offend him or anything.

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Montage: WLS-TV’s Livestream 1 year anni (plus Jaisol Martinez’s first night!)

“[We got] lot of noobs” – Cheryl Burton making a pun of “A lot of news” to start on their first anniversary of the streaming show.

Captured coincidentally on WLS’s first year anniversary of their 7:00 news on a stream only, the intention was to record Jaisol Martinez’s first night (pronounced Hi-Soul) – who was from WHDH-TV before. This montage is mostly about Jaisol and dedicated for the Chicagoland audience as you got a nice gem from Boston. I wished there were more people like her in a changing news world that is a but superficial when the weather department is involved.

She had so much energy last night, I am so happy she has landed her feet at one of the best run news operations in the country, never mind the Midwest.

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New Developments: Jaisol Martinez has arrived to WLS-TV ON FIRE!

As much as I am bummed still getting over the feeling that Jaisol Martinez left WHDH-TV’s meteorologist late in the year; she has since announced she has joined the news at WLS-TV, the ABC O&O in Chicago. As I am writing this, their 7:00 pm CT streaming newscast is on, and it’s not just it’s first anniversary (I guess the WCIU days are gone, as they did air off hour news that station) but Jaisol’s first night.

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