@MinifigNewsguy: The King of Simulating Live Events in Post™ 

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Hi! I am Steven, how are you! I am The @MinifigNewsguy! I hail from the Granite State side of the Boston DMA (right now on the  bottom part of the Top Ten market), but in a state where people like to “film” things as performative art, and not “record” on video and/or go live and local.

I love to make a small, and non intrusive community of Lego and broadcasting and how many AFOLs miss it and how stop-motion filming is so lousy. I can’t stand the involuntary celibates at TVNewSTALK (Capitals are intentional)

I looovvvee to do motion graphics and listen to some kickass theme packages. Who doesn’t love a thrill of shoot, edit and air? Everyone loves to film and be so dramatic!

Since the full inception in 2020, I’ve noticed that platforms like YouTube people are openly ignorant, referring to local media outlets as “local news stations“, people using outdated phrases, and don’t get the overall workflow of what broadcast production used to be. If we are going to throwback to the days before 1982 and the Betacam, then why can I just throwback to a couple decades back when videotape and the mentality of being LIVE and raw was a thing and where editing required some work, rather than taking ums and ehs off? Video is so damn cool!

The journey began in 2017, to separate airchecks, and other stuff from the BCOP-TV’s youtube. I renamed my Twitter (now known as X) to MinifigNewsguy, by 2020, I renamed a news-heavy Instagram of nearly 6,000 posts to @minifignewsguy and launched the Facebook fan page. By the end of the year, I registered this domain and launched the site following that.

I want to be the platform to teach not only the AFOLs, but anyone who is in the digital world, how the “big boys” work the terminology that’s used. I also love doing news in radio form, and print as well. I don’t call myself the MinifigTVNewsguy or MinifigTVNews.

 I plan to document my status of how to make a live program look realistic in post production (using Apple’s legacy Final Cut Pro or Avid’s Media Composer since I don’t have a switcher, router, Chyron/other CG, or playout systems. I have produced many of my packages and news events in this matter. And it takes a unique skillset to do this. I am willing to share all the secrets that made this work in the coming year. 


Rebuilding Local Media with building bricks and minifigures as the subjects. Also the King of Simulating Live events in Post Production™.