Somber Life Update…(Pre-emption of Scheduled Programming)

It’s almost been a long couple of months for me. I haven’t been able to disclose it, nor will I say much further, but my Grammie who has been part of my life for more than 3 decades passed away in peace from natural causes on Wednesday Morning at sunrise. I also have a strong editorial policy to not disclose much of my personal life that is beyond me as the subject.

She had been a huge and core part of my life especially of all our times we had watched breaking. news in wall to wall fashion, and watching many, many Patriots games before the days of Brady and Belichick. , and part of me has been gone. I have been really busy that I haven’t really had time to by on YouTube or even on dot-com for the last month.

video memo prior to what I would know…

I do not see this changing any time soon, and to prevent mis understanding of my thoughts in the industry (not to mention being behind from the latest stories in the news world), the ongoing threat of loosing the First Amendment in the so-called “free-state” ; since criticizing institutions can be now a “threat”. The History of US Recorded Media, is now a year off, and my sometimes strongly assertive views of certain news operations was planned, but has been pushed off till further notice.

I don’t know of when I will return, but it’s been a long couple of months that seemed to vaporize at the same time.

Hope to return soon.


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