Special Look On Bob Wright, the back story

I made a special mini series in the theme of the Bill O’Reilly Inside Edition era trash and flash, even ripping Inside’s ol computer terminal cursor in the “edition” part of the logo.

The intention was to do a 3 parter series for the month of April, to coincide  with Autism Awareness Month.  The copy that was used for the Sound on Tape or SOT, the narration track was from another blog I publish that had about 4,000 words, I then was reading it and fumbling so the editing the sound cuts was really difficult.  Part two was published in May and it focused on a really complex story line between the infamous KRON sale in 2001  and the war NBC picked with affiliates.

As you see in the pieces, Bob was not a nice man, nor was he very considerate to affiliates and really changed broadcast TV as a pay to play.

Part three was a bit harder because I wrote the copy out separately as seen in the BTS video.

It wasn’t to say I got flack for mocking the so-called #ActuallyAutistic types on social media.

I was bullied, defamed to the lowest levels I never thought was possible. But I also learned that their brain is so out of range for even a moderate autistic like your humble minifig newsie. They refuse to look at people as the the reason why the organization is so bad, they refuse to name individuals even as an infamy; of which I think it’s really important. I referenced several individuals who worked in media helping to make the narrative worse. When those activists were calling me an “alltistic” (a slur to say someone who’s typical and not autistic, which is frecking amusing because I clearly pass with flying colors having a loose nut here and there) they really refused to take my view on actually amplifying the outrage with Autism Speaks; the tax evading non profit that is an ode to Bob Wright’s legacy. A not good one.

They attack the surface, of the infamous 2008 I Am Autism PSA, not the poor editing and editorial decisions, the lacking of referencing the people behind Autism Every Day, or just allowing typical people to guest blog and whine about their autistic sibling, or even admit bragging that they’re better than them.

Was I snarky, hell yeah! I care about being cared for myself, and if I feel the messaging needs a bit of an ass kicking, I will sure as hell will do it, but do not force me to make a statement that may fit or hurt your narrative. My job isn’t to please everyone. No one can please anyone. When these people get so vindictive  to make the call of what’s the official statement against Autism Speaks without them being challenged. 

I tried to leave my opinions to myself in the initial writing and editing. I think when you see Part 1 and Part 2, you’ll see which side I may be on, and it’s not the side you are assuming I am on. Part 3 should be released either on Tuesday or Thursday depending on my final edit and copy I’ll be completing, and at least 5 hours of overnight export time to get it out.

Stay tuned. 

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