COMMENTARY: On Tucker Carlson

So I finally posted some content on my SnapChat last week in regards to Tucker Carlson’s departure at the News Channel with Searchlights. It’s unclear what the hell is really going on, but that’s not my point today…

It’s all about superficiality and parasocial relationships the Boomers and the remaining Silents (folks born before the mid 1940s.) While a number of them remain off the Internet grid, their social media is old fashioned cable, and the talent on camera.

The parasocial relationship is more than just the above casual connection, they get so connected they are on a first name basis. They’ll talk about the little things at the dinner table. Laugh really hard on the closings of say The Five.

The way Tucker left, it’s like a teenage crush of New Kids on The Block. Many older Xers talk like Tucker Carlson is some rock star.

to say it’s not limerence would be an understatment. It’s not a straight up infatuation per se, but it has all the hallmarks of an infatuation to a political ideology that’s in reality empty as hell.

This is how viewers feel so related. How many people who watch the Fox News Channel have friends or even family in real life? I always felt FNC was the channel for widows and widowers. Women or men lacking a partner in crime, or they are tuning to a talent, a personality, a superficial on camera person that has such social engagement but in reality are just talking nonsense. Greg Gutfeld has a lot of star power towards the Gen Xers. Instead of using this energy to get a real friend in real life, they’ll consume FNC for hours on a day, it’s one of the reasons why the bug for the Fox News Channel logo switched to a 2D cube, because of complaints of viewers having a bug being burnt into their old fashioned tube TVs.

But even flat-panels are at risk for burnins. FNC’s graphics package doesn’t have a dark-mode for viewers because most of them are really old and have to rely on high brightness. FNC does broadcast only at 720P (which was basically a wider and clearer standard def, it’s the first generation of HD which is more than 20 years old) and their sets are so bright, it makes the blond, Caucasian ladies look much older.  If you watch the cable feed, it has some interlacy-feel and Dana Perino looks much older, and gawd Bill Hemmer looks lousy too. The YouTube clips are not that bad, but as I tell you about cable, perhaps I just gave you a reason to cut the cord!

But I felt these skits were a bit funny to make light of an ongoing problem.

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