an image of Portsmouth, NH featuring the draw bridge of US 1 at sunrise in March 2023

#NewsMusicMonday: New Hampshire News Close (615 Music)

After being fired from BCOP-TV for the umpteenth time, I took a 5 day weekend to Portsmouth NH starting on the 1st through the 5th. I rolled about 2 hours of video, nearly 20 of generic b-roll. Perfect enough to run an ideal close for a New Hampshire news station that is a corporate clusterff.

And what theme did I use? Quarter Past Six as usual. But… this was supposed to air on BCOP-TV  for it’s Friday morning credits. There’s a sample on the webz for the Morning theme in V2 of Propulsion. The cuts that KHOU from summer 2011 to the Tegna Takeover in fall of 2014.

I extended the  1:05 cut to stretch some of the cues to sound longer. The melody was to go along with lower key for the producers, and the engineers, support staff and ENG field crews would appear near the end with the higher tempo. The credit playout was synced to these splices.

I am not an audio engineer and modifying themes in local media is a thing, and it’s allowed when the stations have the proper license and rights. It can be a pain if you don’t know how to use Pro Tools. I used Audacity. I made 2 different versions, with multiple instances of copying and pasting. I finally got it to segue properly.

So since I was Nixed from Six, I still had the copy on my machine since I work not always on BCOP-TV issued hardware, and that’s how the theme is heard in this cut!

Hope you enjoy!


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