#NewsMusicMonday Meets AFOL?

I took a trip to New Hampshire’s Seacoast last week, regardless if I was going to be Nixed from Six. It happened, and the plans to stay at a Downtown Portsmouth hotel occurred within 24 hours of booking to arriving.

I brought lots of stuff, nearly 7 pieces of baggage. What I forgot to bring was the USB-Type A to Lightning Cable. I teather my devices to my iPhone and on Wednesday evening, I went to check on my iPhone’s battery just to see if it needed to be charged. I had also reset my credentials for my Uber account because I was planning to go to nearby Newington for some retail therapy.

After an hour Wednesday night, I couldn’t find it, and my battery life was under 50%… so I needed to go there earlier and try to find the least expensive one. Some were over $20 at Best Buy…

But I had my News Music Search Archive iOS app running in the background on one of my devices. The app is not much different from the traditional website, newsmusicsearcharchive.com or if you’re really old school, and you know whose Mr. Southern Media, it used to be southernmedia-nmsa.com, of which I still will type in on an occasion…

This is one of the most interesting easter eggs in the iOS app, a pissed off Lego minifigure. with the message

Looks like there’s a problem  Are you connected to Wi-Fi? Is your Internet connection Working? Could you be in a cellular dead zone? All that checks out? Maybe our server is having an issue.

I was in high school when the ol NMSA website was having perpetual issues. In one of the iOS versions, I thought the app could work offline, but maybe the production music companies cried foul.

As you all know, I am your atypical Adult Fan of Lego, that likes to build Lego TV studios and make the newscasts really realisitic. Most AFOLs can’t tell an ENG camera from a film camera apart, they really don’t care for the details. I also suspect there are only a few people on this planet that likes news music and are AFOLs.

I’ll say that I am The One and Only™ Outspoken Adult Fan of Lego that Loves News Music!

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