MNG Newsradio Marching Ahead (March 12, 2023)

The annual all nighter happened for the third straight year, but without BCOP. I did the MNG Newsradio format, which is very loose, with very little stories and traffic and weather virtually within the 10 minute cycle.  The 12th was also my birthday but outside the time check… actually with EDT, my time of birth would be 12:10 EDT because I was born less than an hour before Friday the 13th! This time I would read traffic and weather reports. You heard the time check from 1:59 EST to 3:00 am EDT. It’s midday drive in the dark!

The audio was crap, because the audio workflow is currently being redone to have some form of preamp (of which is the reason why my audio has been lousy.) An external USB or Firewire XLR audio interface can do this without the expense of really ampfliers .

The Local news stories came from a couple Minibrick state TV stations, one was Channel 13 in Copenhagen and Channel 2 in Miniland so to build up a news operation.

Since I was in creative services on the TV side, I had some of the same cuts used on the radio side, but for station ID and other jingles I had a copy for the KNX News Package found on the Interwebz for the longest time, I cut some of the samples up for the top, :03 and bottom of the hour. Ironically the Axxcess Broadcasting’s sounder packages composed for at least of the 3 ol CBS owned radio stations in 1989, KNX used it the longest, and the same cuts for more than 15 to 18 years. KNX went through some rebrand in the late 00s and the remaining Axcess cuts were I think retired at that point.

IRL, another radio station had used the package, KRLD in Dallas in the 90s, whether CBS owned that station at the time is unclear at the time of this writing.

TBH as an East Coast brat, I preferred the KNX sound over the More Than Just the Headlines on WCBS


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