Hate Mail

Part of what’s installed on a VMware ESXi based HPE ProLiant DL 360 G5 server, has an open source, low end PBX, called Asterisk, (in fact it’s really Issabel, a “fork” or a derivative from Elastix, which the brand name no longer exists for an Asterisk code.) Issabel is a full fledged Asterisk phone system, with a lower grade Exchange (email, calendar and contacts) as well.

With that technicalities aside, there are backdoor numbers where sketch-callers leave messages.

We know Copenhagen is more narrow-minded than say the Copenhagen in Denmark, but I watched a documentary recently, it makes me wonder if Copenhagen, Minibrick and Copenhagen Denmark are unfortunate sister cities of chauvinism.

The content is threatening of nature and contains vulgar language



“I think your producer has the hots for Liz Plank. You should come out clean and disclose his conflicts of self interest”

she’s cute for a feminist…

That guy reminds me of “Michael” who used to call into my other podcast

Regardless Plank had appeared in a couple b-rolls and is featured in our intro, so the total running time of Elizabeth Plank is probably about a minute-five in our series of packages so far.

“I hope you all die. Bye!”

“…is typical Liberal MSM bullshit”

“Unhappy viewer” wishes we get AIDS and die…

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