#NewsMusicMonday: 615 Music’s First Known Theme Package (WKRN Nashville in 1984)

Before the days 615 Music became a juggernaut in the 1990s; before WMAQ-TV’s Newswire. or KGO-TV’s News One, or KPIX’s Battery, or WRAL’s In-Sink, or KCBS/KCAL’s Viacom News Package, there was their allegedly first theme, Let’s Get Involved. Long before the days of newer versions with say a Let’s Get Involved V2; WKRN and 615 Music except for 2 years in almost 40 years had been homies as I tweeted out Sunday night. Other stations in the market had used 615 Music over the years, and 615 Music as of 2022 is just a brand of themes composed before the big merger in the Warner-Chappell’s Production Music division.

WKRN is still using 615 packages, Propulsion has been used since the station did a dramatic rebrand in late 2016. Meanwhile part creator of 615 Music, Randy Watchler and his adult son founded 11/One Music and competing station WSMV had switch to 11/One from 615 Music earlier this year. It’s unclear if WKRN would switch to 11/One given Nexstar tends to be settling with Stephen Arnold Music for any new themes, and any station still using 615 Music/Warner Chappell will probably keep using it.


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