Masculinity in Crisis? The Promo of a Story that Never Aired

In case you didn’t miss it, a promo aired during A Copenhagen Thanksgiving Parade of the Masculinity in Crisis story; but was aborted in the last minute. We had a package ready to air on Thanksgiving, but the management ordered us to cancel the production, however on the Creative Services side, we had already made 3 different promos with different ends in the last tag (such as “Thursday at Ten”, “Tomorrow at Ten” and “Tonight at Ten” – for whatever reason the sketch voice over said “11”.)

We also had layoffs the day after Thanksgiving, 6 on the TV side, and 2 on the radio. It’s suspect there was a miscomm between traffic and news for line up of commercial and promotional playouts during the Parade.

The traffic department is a unit that is half sales/half tech, they are responsible for positioning ads and commercials at the right time in advance. They also log these airings to properly bill to the customers who are placing ads on BCOP-TV’s air. Since there was little ads during that holiday, apparently the traffic department was not aware the promo aired, or the promo wasn’t properly logged, or someone from news didn’t inform traffic that this sweeps story was gutted.


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