Jaisol Martinez leaves WHDH-TV

You don’t appreciate someone until they leave. Jaisol (pronounced hi-sol) Martinez is leaving WHDH-TV after 4 years. I haven’t watched many of the stations until I decided to do newsgathering again, so it would make sense to monitor the stations right?

For a station that has been perceived to deliver news with hype, the 7 Weather department has (even before Jaisol) been pretty solid.  And with Jaisol, she’s pretty honest… something you don’t see elsewhere on the dial

Lots of people watch the weather, some for eye-candy such as ladies (sorry dudes) or some for the over the top virtual/augmented reality, or of late, I have seen a lot of dream-casters who like to give the viewers of sunny skies and eternal warm days. Lack of data collection to challenges ourselves out of mis-perceptions of what’s normal weather or what’s abnormal.

Tweet of a picture: "Thanks at-JaisolWX for giving us truthful and useful information for our weather in our area! I don’t like to play favorites but at-7News ’ weather folks are the best pros in the market and ought to be honored for 15 seconds!"

Or my favorite the Don’t-Shoot-The-Messenger during the early fall sunsets…


Giving us the information we should get on not so busy weather days. Also she will retweet critical weather information from her fellow meteorologists even if she’s not at work or at the station.

a screengrab from a twitter retweet from Jaisol Martinez, meteorologist from WHDH-TV from 2022

She set herself apart from other meteorologists in the market; specifically what she would present on days where storms or heat was not the forecasted story. She presented the weather in the usual 3D chroma wall that is known for the dual Sunbeam stations (the other is WSVN in Miami); and no silly virtual or augmented reality elements that often was distracting the viewer from the message that is seen on at least one of the stations up the dial.

If this subject rings a bell, I’ve already written about her earlier in the year

2022 has marked the year of many departures across the stations in the market, WHDH had lost another meteorologist to go to another market earlier this year. Her bio from the station’s website says the following:

Meteorologist Jaisol Martinez joined the 7Weather Team in November 2018.

She was born and raised in El Paso, TX. The wide range of climates and severe weather in Texas sparked her fascination in meteorology from a very young age.

Jaisol is a Texas A&M graduate and proud Aggie. After graduating she worked in Maryland tracking Nor’easters, hurricanes and snow storms impacting the coastal areas of Delmarva.

Jaisol is a proud military spouse. Her husband is currently serving in the United States Marine Corps.

When she isn’t forecasting Jaisol likes to go on walks with her dog, a Lab/German Shepard Mix named Travis. She also likes exploring new restaurants and is excited to try all the delicious food in the Boston area.

I guess on the second to last paragraph may imply the reasoning she left, just given the life of the ones who serve our country. The last couple of days of Jaisol’s announcement, was a bit bittersweet for me. I do wish her all the best!


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