Masculinity in Crisis? 6 Bought the Story but…

After weeks on end trying to get management to put some story on their air, earlier in the week, we got the OK to air a package scheduled to air on the late news on Thanksgiving night. Still in that sweet spot for November Sweeps, but a few eyeballs will probably be watching 6 News. We air Home Alone and Home Alone 2 on Thanksgiving nights, preempting network programming, but lead-ins to the news is often misleading because we do not know for sure if the viewers are actually watching us.

But there was a condition, that they would only take one story (so far) and air no less than 2:30,  or 150 seconds of content, no further than that time frame.

Special projects stuff like this would require a multi part or a four minute package, but management is spooked out about what we might air. Regardless at least we will get something to air before the holidays. We could be ready by January to put more packages out to air for a February sweeps blowout of stories.

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