Crisis in Masculinity: Editorials in the Edit Bay

As I ingest video, log the clips, remember nuances, prepare names and statistics for our off-air “Chyron” system and to display live on-air too, with nearly 2 hours of video that had been captured for a 2 minute 30 second package… I ponder…

  • that my father had repeatedly denied creating me, then had no audacity to tell anyone – adult or child in the family. Not only this but he treated my two half-siblings as hierarchal children well into their adulthoods, but found out on a Facebook post (of which I was gaslit because I had posted it publicly; even in a tone of low key and fact-first. Jeez, why the hell do journalists struggle with families?
  • Why can women degrade men in this modernest society? I have felt that way for a number of years. More than 2 decades.
  • Has the NBC News’ Standards & Practices pay attention to their freelancers like MSNBC-dot-com columnist Liz Plank, who is NOT a U.S. citizen who has since May of 2022 spread venom to the most vulernable men in society since the repeal of Roe v. Wade? If I can’t get my First Amendment protection as a lifer, why the hell is some erratic  “feminist that loves men” can say whatever she wants and get away with it – but if I said something that offended an entire half of the world’s population, I would get canceled?
  • Ms. Plank is the same writer who wrote on her own Substack comparing self pleasure (or mastrubation) to mass murder. Perhaps it may had had been an MSNBC-dot-com reject, and if that was the case, good for them!
  • I am sorry, the late Tom Synder would say on his ol ABC Radio talk show around 1991 “the networks got rid of the standards [later “& practices”] department years ago.”
  • Then I wonder, how the f-ck can Jordan Peterson be a freeloader of free speech and he’s a f-cking Canadian too?
  • I guess some people would say I have strong views of women and I am starting to wonder if I hate women or strongly dislike them even if I admire them… must be that boyish autism in me…
  • But I wonder if the media will look at themselves for the constant man hating biases too…
  • If 6 does greenlight more packages, how am I going to tie the so called “manosphere” without offending 60% of the market that leans conservative?
  • Do we say Andrew Tate’s name, or Kevin Samuels, or the other whacked up YouTubers and Podcasters, or hell how do we incorporate Courtney Ryan in the mix, and be objective?
  • All I know as a point of fact (without too much bias), I was born as bastard child, from a man who was for all intensive purposes wanted to extend the family’s blood and was just a sperm machine. All I am is an object, a pawn, another prince in a matriarchy. Will never move up in a conservative family structure. 

Meanwhile people may think I am some cringe and fringe person. Maybe they’re right!

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