COMMENTARY: The Back story to The Crisis on Masculinity

Very rarely can you spook me. That’s the subtitle. I am not one that shrieks on a crazy Tweet or some wacky post from a Meta page on my personal Facebook. Like in news, there’s thresholds of what’s a news story and what’s even breaking. Masculinity is such a triggered subject, I have spooked one of the well known Boston area newsies, not once, but even twice in less than a year to the point the individual even offered to exchange telephone #s… that’s whole other story.

Supposedly many of the characters in the so-called manosphere started to percolate in 2020 in the midst of the pandemic. For me I was blessed to be completely distracted from the fringe world and was trying to build a media production services along with my own podcast which has since ended.

In the podcast I used to do, I’d play clips from Jordan Peterson, Joe Rogan, and a few other niche content creators on YouTube. The ideas was to try to be as amused as possible while inside feeling so disgusted. The “callers” on the show were voiced by me and with the magic of applications could the voice be manipulated. See the TechBeat playlist or the @MinifigNewsguy on Radio playlist to hear the magic. Often the frequent callers on the podcast would find their way through the magic of a do it yourself intercom telephone line on TechBeat (there’s a reason why I did this over tying an analog PBX extension.)

The male callers were average men, who were not the so-called alpha male or ones who would take the red-pill. They were harmless men who were just trying to celebrate feminism at the price of their own existence. Empathic over narcissistic.

Manosphere is not a new concept to me. In 2017, the Google targeted me with Men Going Their Own Way or better known by it’s acronym  MGTOW or Meg-Tow. The characters I found in 2022 were on the Pickup Artists or P-U-A. The former groups are checking out on mating, while the latter is more cringer. They believe in not just hooking up, but hooking up with multiple partners. The late Kevin Samuels (of which the mainstream media reported his death) and Andrew Tate, are the most notorious. Would I say they are sexist? No, I find them to be misogynists. The idea is the women must respect their man (of which what does “respect” really mean?) then the man will love the woman. The moment the woman doesn’t “respect” the man, he should leave because the relationship is not “loyal”.

Feminism and the 2022 Politics

Much like how NBCU threatened to take the NBC affiliation away from WHDH, there had been many attempts in the past, so by 2016, how could you take the peacock seriously? It’s a similar vein to the abortion debate. With the SCOTUS’ decision to the Dobbs case; I didn’t think it would cause an even more friction. Debating the politics of abortion from within is scary because if you favor say the European restrictions, you’d be labeled names. Then the feminists will get pissed off if you don’t speak, or companies don’t speak out, but entities that make profits, should avoid being political.

The debate then becomes a subject on democracy if people should be single-issued-voters, of which I know the right is known to do,  they’ll get their town to go and vote on a Town Budgetary Meeting governed town to put a ballot question for putting the town’s official stance on “gay marriage” from the voters, even if it’s a violation to state law in towns that have Town Budgetary Town Meeting governments. Yes, there is a Town Meeting, and a Town Budgetary Meeting form of municipal democracy, the latter only has ballots for elected members and the overall budget for the local governments.  So if you like democracy, don’t be a single-issue voter, whether you’re red-hot or cold-blue.

Politicizing of Gender

In 2022, it got a bit more creepier as ol white men like Dennis Prager (aka the guy behind PragerU that is not a qualified “university”) started to just talk indiscriminately about genders, and sexual orientations. In late 2022, Matt Walsh, the man behind the Daily Wire’s What is a Woman? propaganda doc has even gotten so far to discuss that marriage is the sole institution for procreation. Yes… yes…. yes! I didn’t make a typo! Pro…creation, the concept of making babies for the purpose of repopulation. If i had a shot for every time I heard “procreation” uttered by Walsh, I’d be wasted almost immediately.

So much for the thought that two loving human beings making deep levels of affection through sexual intercourse could recreate a human being! Oh and speaking of that how to minifigures make babies? Lego never made pregnant minifigures, other than to modify a roof brick and drill 1/8″ holes to put the arm pieces in to mimic some procreation in the minifig’s land!

In all seriousness, with some deep states continuing to allow marriage licenses as a girl is still going through puberty, and you have Florida pols referring to a 17 year old he allegedly trafficked sexually as a “young woman” (of which even for a 17 year old, she’s still pubescent, the possibility of reproducing without harm can be done, but still body parts are changing. The idea that old white men are talking about this without any fear of authorities gawking on them is  alarming and I don’t care what gender you are, it’s public levels of sexual harassment.

Is Masculinity in Crisis? Hell yes… but…

If you are familiar to Liz Plank (a B- celeb, a “feminist that loves men [sic]”, a so-called “journalist” ) and the scribe behind For the Love of Men, you think I was plagiarizing the first few pages in above subtitle… actually in my analysis of this carwreck, it was the people like her, who split second threw a grinade  to the political fire, called out there was a fire and was considered to be a hero, but people didn’t notice the split second someone like her throwing that grinade. I use this metaphor to describe the talent on The Searchlight News Channel, but that’s not to say people can do split personas at the competitor across the block from 1211 6th Avenue.

While in my area, I cannot confirm if the cancer has spread to women (being subjected to misinformation) or men that worship these things; regardless it’s becoming extremely toxic. While this is my first time I’ve done news production in a close to full time matter outside of my other obligations, I couldn’t help to shine a light on this subject.

I didn’t think what I had seen and heard with Jordan, Joe, and the other cringe podcasters was bad, but when I saw the left leaning being just as cringy in 2022, I started to wonder what the hell is going on.

For BCOP-TV, if we get clearance for long term reporting, we have gold in front of us to report on an issue rather than a political fight.

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