When Freedom of Speech has No Responsibility (WMUR-TV Manchester)

Adding to the files of Cringe stories… WMUR-TV Manchester* runs a propaganda piece on their noon broadcast by no other than Chief Propaganda Correspondent, Ray Brewer, who relies on data from the DEA that apparently there is fentynal that looks like candy and could be in your kid’s halloween treats at the end of the month. For those who know me personally, WMUR-TV is the Hearst-owned ABC Affiliate north of Boston, which leave vague messaging of where their primary audience, or worse who they are. They have used predatory measures in the past to take out competitors, and even freckin’ Jack Heath once was infamously known for telling his staff to ignore the competition in a 1993 promo once posted a YouTube user of “Houston TV News” (resurrected recently as “Houston TV History”, but didn’t put the Manchester/Boston footage like that promo)

* I know that WMUR is the only call sign used in the FCC, but the station ID refers to themselves as “WMUR-TV Manchester” and I am really anal about how the call signs should be addressed. Locals here are like on first-name basis as if they are friends, mostly women in power, so it’s WWWWMMUURR” to them. To me, just like Channel 2 in NYC, where i call it WCBS-TV New York, I do the same thing for Channel 9. Use freggin Google, it’s easy to find out the official call sign FFS alive. You don’t need to WTBX-AM if WTBX is just the former 4 letters.

Regardless, this is the same shit that the Fox News Channel has spread fear mongering, so I don’t believe the story.

New Hampshire is 49% male, so the feminized local news operation, is catering to the 51% female and children audience. Nothing for hopeless single guys, it’s all about the goddamned families, and parents, and shit like that.


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